ice cream for breakfast

why isn't this more of a thing? I have just had ice cream and coffee and it was BRAW

I have done this before... take a magnum mini on the walk to the station :)

this is the way to live, meh


I am also going to recommend toblerone ice creams in the ice creams on sticks stakes


yes, teclis, it is 

Ok, all good.  I will try this tomorrow, I had told old smoked salmon cream cheese and riveta I’m bed myself for breakfast.  Bad back innit. 



Are they genuinely Toblerone-y?


they are like from a dream, ronald

Lidl has them at the moment

like the little funnel of European swellness that it is

Inspired by this thread I went to get some new icecream.  Too hot for chocolatey stuff here so I grabbed a callestick farm blood orange sorbet.  Omg so refreshing. 10/10 would recommend.

It isn't more of a thing because the sugar and fat are really bad for you.

Ask yourself: what would Lydia do? What would Judo do?

(Then average it out with what you were going to do.)

I'm going to try this next time I'm hungover. I'm a big fan of choc/ cake for breakfast when you just need sugar. Cake fore brekkie, salad for dinner, bonus.

nothing beats sushi for breakfast when hungover. Nothing.