I wonder why not


so appaz public been told not to approach this boy.  But he is only a tiny 12 year old.

Maybe he's prone to run away when approached, maybe he's violent, maybe he has special needs which means they would require additional assistance to detain him.

Yeah presumably because he’s likely to scarper. 

He has bad AIDS and toxoplasmosis and is prone to stabbing strangers with infected hypodermic needles?

One of the most horrific sex offenders I've ever heard of was 12 at the time 

Would genuinely think twice about visiting the area he lives in

Ofc maybe this one's just flighty

His predilections included rape and murder but not in that order

PS happy Friday!

Would be handy if the article had a photo of him...

It does seem to be an odd case.  Kids missing for that length of time often make the headlines. 

(thanks for that mental image, clergs...)