I was once offered an affair with a married woman

I met her in Barbados a few years ago, with her husband. I was with my girlfriend and they made friends on the beach one day. She was a bit annoying and had awful taste in clothes, but was quite hot. After i broke up with my girlfriend this guys wife starts emailing me to go for drinks etc. i say "thats cool as long as your husband is cool with it". 

anyway, i turn up for drinks and she announces "look, i know that there has always been something between us [there hadn't, she was delusional]. we need to have a bit of fun on the side, he'll never know". Anyway, obv i'm flattered 'cause obv i'm ace, but i'm not about to poke another mans missus. So after a bit of mild flirting i graciously decline her generous offer and think nothing of it, until she starts emailing me constantly saying "dont you dare telll X about us". And i'm like "err, duh, nothing happened you psycho". this goes back and forth for a while and then abruptly ends. 

so about  year later i see him on the waterloo & city line. he totally blanks me.

he's just walked into my office, and is sat 3 desks behind me

Wow, no window seat m7?

Reckon he knows anything? Maybe his missus claimed you'd shagged her for the drama. Keep live roffing.

Teclis - yes, i reckon thats what she did. i also know he poked someone else so there's always the chance she told him just to fvck him off

Get involved. Yes, the last thing you see will be the pair of them bickering as they heave on the lid of a cesspit, but the games up to then will be passionate.

Only way to clear the air is the fullest conceivable disclosure of what happened 

Yes,  he will be angry at first at your portraying his wife as some sort of harlot

But in time he will thank you 

I wonder how many threads there might be entitled, "I was once offered an affair with a married man."

Just too commonplace I suppose?

ask a relationship counsellor and they'll tell you that women are just as likely to cheat as men.....difference being that men are more likely to keep schtum when their wives are playing someone elses love trumpet

All the stats I’ve seen suggest that cheating rates are similar for men and women. Men slightly more but not a dramatic difference.