I thought you had to be 16 to ride a moped

So how come this Jayden who got stabbed was riding one at 14 and why did his family allow him too?

This is definitely the important point from this story.

He was a  regular feature on this scooter apparently.

Combined with the fact that he appears to have been targeted it would not be an unreasonable assumption to make that he had been making deliveries for certain persons and maybe not making a full account of all goods and/or profits.

Perhaps he had a general disregard for the law?

As Tom said... ...who knocks a kid off a Moped and then stabs him to death?

When you say "pick on" you mean get a hard on about, don't you.

its been obv from the beginning that he was illegally riding the moped.

I did a few illegal things in my youth, some of them involved angry people chasing me. Luckly, I wasn't caught or killed

Whats your point?