I thought you coudn't sent fecal samples through the post

But the Nuffield have just sent me an email reminding me I have to do three and to post each on the day of taking the sample.


I think I need to cal them


There's a world of difference between posting carefully sealed bottles of poop in post bags to a laboratory, and shitting through someone's letterbox, you know.  Maybe the former doesn't happen in Rhyl, so maybe your opinion has been tainted by the latter?

You can’t send any human materials through Royal Mail, only medical companies with strict licensing are allowed to ship that sort of item.

No fvcking clue  but it was only a call center poerson who could hardly speak English, not that they were not British but that had that drawly speech that kids seem to have these days.

I will mention it to the Clinic next week when I go to be told how unfit I am

I couldn't remember where you hail from, so I picked a name at randon, cos I'm rude.

You can send human stuff through royal mail if it appropriately packaged etc. STI kits, home blood tests etc


can u talk about shyt far eastern artifacts or clockage or even freezers*

* wtf needs this sample - the only lerson i've met (dave) who had to produce so was cos he fell in the cam and got weil's disease.


**i was the one punting.  gott8m

Here we are...

  Biological substances
(diagnostic specimens including urine, blood, faeces and animal remains). Packaging guidelines: The total sample volume/mass in any parcel must not exceed 50ml/50g. All biological substances must be posted in packaging that complies with Packaging Instruction 650, such as our Safebox product.”

So no megapoo.

Does it comply with packaging instruction 650 of the Royal Mail guidelines?