I see Stacey Macken has won her discriminatio case against BNP Paribas

Quite right too.  Some pretty outrageous behaviour right there.  Witch hat left on her desk.  £130k less in bonus than a male colleague in an equivalent role.  I thought this stuff was confined to the dustbin of history, save for Anchorman type comedies.

Nowt creepier than a soi-dissant 'male feminist', Badders.  

Do you think BNP should have won, BI? Why can't Badders comment? He has a daughter. I suspect he doesn't want her to deal with this sh1t in the future. Or do you see women as people who should be in the kitchen and not in the boardroom....do tell.

No idea about the case dusty so no idea if BNP should have won. Please read up on the "sneaky fucker" mating strategy.  I think women should be free to choose their own path.  


What "sneaky fucker mating strategy"?  have you gone absolutely mad?

BI, male allies are important.  And frankly any decent human being should not what to see another treated this way in the workplace.

Good god.  You literally cannot win.  If you don't promote gender equality you're an antediluvian pig, and if you do, you're faking it in an attempt to shag women, and therefore creepy AND antediluvian. 

He doesn't, he can just have more fun with it on an internet forum and try to assert his masculinity by winning the debate or, somewhat ironically, try to ingratiate himself with the females by calling out (what he says are) fake male feminists.  

Maybe that's what I'm doing too.  

Just a friendly warning.  

Not that friendly. Sort of supercilious know-it-all faux righteous indignation, really.

And anyone who knows Badders IRL would think your argument rather daft tbf.