I see the M25 is closed

V Good Omens, that

Finished that series last night, thought it was really good. They did a much better job than I expected. 

What dux said. We heard the scotch were coming so we lifted the draw bridge

it was ace eh, panckers!

fools - Scots come from the sky!

when’s it on the beeb

amazon prime doesn’t work on sky and I don’t want to watch it on an ipad 

Does your telly not have its own apps like amazon/utube etc serge?

an amazon dongle is only about 30 quid if not

oh maybe I haven’t tried via the telly itself

I went to visit a friend recently and for over a year (since she moved into her new place) she had been watching Netflix and DVDs on her 11 inch laptop because she didn't realise that her TV could connect to Netflix and had an integrated DVD player.

trouble is I have to use the telly remote if I want to just use the telly. the sky remote does everything on its own, except the telly functions (other than turn off turn on)

tbh i mostly just want sky to include amazon in its apps section. they said they’ve considered it for a while

also weirdly the tv claims it is not connected to the internet (it goes into the sky box) and I’m not sure I can be arsed to unplug the cable each time I want to watch amazon prime, on top of having to change remote. I’m sure if I check I can get it via the WiFi but I just haven’t focused til now

life is so TOUGH

you shouldn't have to physically change the cable tho

I am so glad we bought a TV that can bring up Prime and Netflix.


Loved the adaptation of Good Omens. It couldn't have been a big blockbuster movie, it needed to feel different from that. Think I need to rewatch it, it was just blissfully good.



Rhamnousia11 Jun 19 08:59

fools - Scots come from the sky!


Rhamnousia11 Jun 19 09:13

Ditch sky

Should take about 5 mins to connect tv to wifi.  Unless you struggle on strutter like with a 1987 Fergusson cathode ray housed in a faux wood cabinet and embossed with a red blue green Tricolore 

Say what you like but almost impossible to steal. Two man job really to shift that bad lad anywhere.