I received my thriva results today

And it says I . vitamin d deficient which makes me highly dubious because I take a daily supplement.

So maybe it is bollocks based on a dubious interpretation of an average Scot

At least I'm not hypothyroid etc 

Or profile me isn't

Just as an FYI  vitamin D taken orally isn’t necessarily very well absorbed. 

I’d recommend going to the Dr and having them test you properly a proper Vitamin d deficiency isn’t something to be scoffed about. 

Given my various health issues this is one of the things I also struggle with... 


Magnesium can assist with vitamin D absorption.  Otherwise you’re just paying to have Vitamin d enriched urine.

There was an article this week (bbc or guardian i think) about how thyroid issues are being massively over diagnosed (presumably so da quax can shift more oxycontin)

Best pay for another one, just to be on the safe side.

How many A shares do u have in Thriva Strutz?

Thriva sounds like a new STD the kids need to worry about.

Interesting, thanks Scylla!

Apparently vit d helps potentiate lots of hormones? Maybe this is what needs fixed.

Indeed good news re my sweet sweet liver enzymes.

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin.. which means it can only be carried through the intestine wall as part of a fat particle and only certain types of fat particles at that. 

So if you aren't eating enough of the right fats when you take the vitamin D supplement then it simply cannot be absorbed into the body as it has no transport across the intestinal wall.  

The best way to get Vitamin D is to lay in the sun it is about a bazillion times more effective than taking a supplement.. though I understand that might be a bit difficult for you. 


Wot Woo sed. My first thought 

Or a sugar substitute 

Sun is the only real answer

30 minutes needed apparently 

I started using a vitamin D spray a few years ago when my neurologist discussed some research results that linked MS with low levels. The study had reported fewer relapses/no new ones when a patient took it. It’s apparently one of the reasons why Europe and countries north of the equator have a higher incidence of it comparatively speaking. Plus poor diet in developed Europe and US. High sat fat diets tend to increase propensity hence very few cases in Japan! Anyway, try a high level spray as it’s much easier. 

chz, bailey

I take a spray called BetterYou, which is supposed to absorb through the mouth tissue

I just noticed the dose is 1/3rd of some others on sale tho so have taken three spritzes this am

had read you can get bone spurs if you go too far, tho, so I guess a fine balance

Not sure if I was being 'upsold' but my doctor said that a lot of the shop bought Vit D supplements were pointless. I was put on the 50,000 IUs once a week things for 12 weeks which did the trick in terms of getting my blood level up.

I do feel better but I have been on a bit of a midlife crisis health kick over the same period with less booze and more exercise etc so it's hard to separate out the effects.

Didn't think you would be lacking in sun where you are!

So once you did the high-level dose there is no need for ongoing maintenance?

was going to say the same then figured maybe it's so hot everyone is actually indoors mostly

PP - problem is that in summer it's so bloody hot you barely set foot outside!

I have dropped down to 10,000 IU's once a week now which is supposed to be maintenance dose.

I went to a talk by a guy health doctor who said that the answer to “who presently has a vitamin d deficiency?” is “everyone currently living in the UK, other than those who have done 2 weeks at Xmas sailing around the equator.” 

how then can they be measuring the norm?? I feel suspicious

The doctor told my gf that the only things that work are injections or the sun

Rhamnousia16 May 19 08:53


how then can they be measuring the norm?? I feel suspicious


Because having a deficiency isn't measured by the norm? 

The 'norm' for humans biologically speaking is that we should be spend all of our lives outside and getting the maximum sun exposure with no sunscreen. 

It's only in very recent human history that we all spend so very much of our lives inside, under cover or wearing sun screen. 


but isn't it like saying we are deficient because we can't run a four minute mile?

maybe for modern humans these levels are normal ?

They may be normal for modern humans.. as in the standard measure available in each individual. 

But they can still then be  insufficient for proper functioning of the human biological organism that is at least hundreds of thousands of years old.

Normal does not equally sufficient. 

but what even is sufficient?

(I am not being deliberately obtuse I just think it feels weird that the majority of people are X but X+ is still the aspired to "norm")

A sufficient amount is one where you don’t have symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency. 



I really hate when people say whatever it is the main reason I am glad not to have caring responsibilities for 13 yr olds


do you srsly think that most people are symptomatic in the UK? which symptoms do you think they display?


I know what the symptoms can be but I don't think most people have them


and I don't think most people with, say, depression have it as a consequence of vit d deficiency

I have done an extra spritz of my spray even so

going to be raging if I develop spurs on my heels

Yes do that.  We definitely want to avoid the prospect of a suffering clergs.

We’d never hear the end of it.

Your Viva results, what were they?

1) First time pass no corrections

2) First time pass minor corrections

3) Major corrections- resubmit in 6-12 months

4) No award MPhil only

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