I need a passion, what is your passion

I have tried

Party politics

Trade unionism

Being in an orchestra


Hill walking

Basically it's all mince except for wine. How can I get irrationally into something in such a way that I can't see that it isn't a priority for anyone else and my life is complete damnit! 

The only people I know who have that kind of passion are either passionate about their kids or about geeky stuff like Harry Potter cosplay, World of Warcraft or Doctor Who. 

1. = PTSD from school

2. = Requires neatness

3. = Maybe I will try the rspb pigeon but I'm not convinced it'll be the all consuming buzz iI need


Ha I don't know any cosplayers! Are they hot or weird ones?

I know someone who does Harry Potter cosplay. From what I can gather it seems to be friendly, non-judgemental and completely all-consuming when you get into it. 

There are hot people and not hot people who coexist peacefully. (The differences between them aren't that apparent under all that costume makeup.) 

That sounds quite idyllic

Your "friend" sounds like she has a great time ?

I know someone who does Harry Potter cosplay. From what I can gather it seems to be friendly, non-judgemental and completely all-consuming when you get into it....


... but then you get to meet a woman who goes by the nom de plume of Hagrid who used to stack whisky casks in Benbecula and got jilted by her lover at the door of the kirk.  She hates all men. She really hates weedy NHS glasses wearing floppy haired posh men. Voldemort, her sister, also attends and while she seems very friendly out of costume, when in role she is inclined to do as her sister says. Last week, I - I mean my friend - found I - he - was strung up by the testicles by these two in a basement in Crouch End. I was there for three days until my left testicle gave way and I made my escape.

If it was me you would see the photos all over Facebook! It looks like awesome fun. 

I view adults with hobbies (because that's what we're talking about here) with deep suspicion 

I am definitely not thinking of hobbies, in tbinkith of something closer to a career (in the yeah my CAREER ? sense as opposed to the yeah my job ? sense)



tbf hillwalking is gr8, but not as good as seabirds 




What do you mean what flavour is it? It’s bloody seabird bloody albatross flavour innit!


Like a trainee sherpa before they graduate to mountains?


Dressing up as characters often from a book or tv series and very often now from computer games.

Google female lich king cosplay for examples. 

David Hockney has a huge sign at the end of his bed, that he sees the minute he wakes up, that says ' Get up and start working IMMEDIATELY', and he does. That seems like a great way to live.

But perhaps you are not a world-historical-class painter, or if you were you would have noticed by now.

my mrs' cousin does fantasy historical weekends.  they all go to the woods and dress up like people in Oliver Cromwells day.  he met his wife there.  smaller stuarts are caught in her orbit.

I am jsut whatsapping with my artist friend and feeling envy at her talent but not her compulsion to follow it. I mean, David Hockney is great at art but that's not all you need to get where he is.

I do wish I could paint a bit tho it looks really good for the brain.

that sounds super exciting wang! like a long murder mystery dinner. But I bet some people ruin it with humourlessness.

I wish I have a cool academic passion like studying dinosaur fossils. I wish I were like this guy:

"Leading the Gobi project is one of America's most prominent paleontologists, Mark Norell, the head of the American Museum's dinosaur collection and my former PhD supervisor. Mark grew up in Southern California, a long-haired surfer dude who worshipped Jimmy Page but at the same time had a nerdy obsession with collecting fossils. He did his graduate work at Yale, ... and was barely in his thirties when he was hired to Barnum Brown's old curatorial post, widely regarded as the top dinsosaur research job in the world.

The total opposite of a stuffy academic caricature, Mark travels the planet hunting for the two things he knows best: dinosaurs, obviously, but also his other infautuation: Asian art. The stories he's accumulated along the way--in auction houses, Chinese dance clubs, Mongolian yurts,fancy European hotels, and seedy bars--often seem to outrageous to be true but make him one of the best raconteurs I've known. A few years ago, the Wall Street Journal published a hagiography of Mark, referring to him as 'the coolest dude alive'.Mark does dress like a hipster version of Andy Warhol (another of his heroes), hold court in a majestic office overlooking Central Park, boast a collection of ancient Buddhist art that puts many museums to shame, and bring portable fridges into the desert so he can make sushi while doing fieldwork."

I was with this up to the portable fridge. That seems a bit culturally insensitive.

The fridge was what sealed the deal for me actually.

Mind you, I don't think I would want to sample that sushi ...

PP - that job or hobby sounds dreary. 

I would rather hike through gobi desert. Although on second thoughts there are better places. 

PP is MONEY on this.  Paleontology or archaeology would be ace.  

my old neighbour found in their garden the remains of the old norman village manor house and did a proper excavation.  If you knock on their door they will show you the trenches and all the coins/pots etc they found.  it eventually became the seat of the Howard family (as in Catherine the beheaded)

Playing guitar, for about forty years now. I can play pretty much anything but there's always more to discover or invent.

I just got back from a long lunch with a friend via the local music shop. He bought himself yet another guitar. Is that about forty of them you've got now? I asked. All the same, speed metal flashy things. Can you play more than one at once?

Yeah, but you've got five boring old semi-acoustic ones he replied. Can you?

Fair point.

A fine guitar is a thing of beauty. As is any fine musical instrument tbf.

What kind of guitar cookie?  I did a phase of Stratocaster learning a few years ago, I played a number of instruments to a high standard but all classical so I wanted to do something cool.  This was around the time I was buying sports cars etc, I’m not proud.

Anyway, classical or electric or?

A few of mine date back decades Cookie. Gibsons mainly.They ring like a bell, as someone once said. I was walking around the guitar shop with my friend earlier and he's a pretty good player, but he was too much into the flash purple sparkle paint or whatever.

And following on from the RoF retro thread earlier, who is this? Chippy used to do these all the time.

Duh-duh. Duh-duh-duh-duh duh. Dididdlee, diddlee duh duh.....