I met a guy from school last year, he massively mugged me off

Thought it was really weird, it has been the best part of two decades.

Anyway, he was at a wedding this weekend with his wife and she got totally plastered and told everyone how much she regretted having their daughter and how everything is ruined and she is just blah's mummy now and NOTHING ELSE and she hates her husband and her life. Then he tried to take her home but she was being sick too much for any taxis to take her.

Anyway this is what happens when you mug me off.

How do you know this? Did you have other friends at the wedding?

Top line

"I was desperate for the feeling of being pregnant and having a child and he wasn't fussed at all but I insisted and he was RIGHT HE WAS RIGHT"

Ok it is a bit uncool to schadenfreude at this I hope she leaves him (with full custody ) and takes up with a string of hot young lovers.

Sorry yes another friend was there and was slightly sicked on

She was hot last time I saw her but that was pre blah

Possibly although I believe it to be all his fault for being a dick

Get rid of her - as rhamn says, take the kid and let her go her merry way

Yeah but it's kind of just part of the human condition isn't it. The only job you can never quit etc.

I think she would cheer up if she took a handsome lover.

Mental note not to mug clergs off so that I don't have a miserable marriage/family.

 A bit cruel of god to make the woman miserable just to use her as an instrument tomete punishment out to your enemies, Clergs.

So meh--you need to make sure that your beau hasn't mugged Clergs off either.

Until this post, struttz has been mugged off.


I went to a wedding years ago where someone who was at college with Mrs w attended.  It was one of those weddings where there is an interminable gap twixt ceremony and supper.  And only champagne to drink.  About three hours.  Every1 was totally cvntex and the m7 of my Mrs started explaining the whole dissatisfaction with husbo including sexual stuff.  Gosh.  He was standing 3 feet away.  I last saw them trying to hail a cab on the embankment.  Her draped over his shoulder.  Gr7 times

Ah, from the context I assume it means ‘ignored’.

I am obliged to my learned friend for the clarification.

Yeah need details of mugging off before we decide to cheer with you or against you.

he was very rude but it is a long and elaborate story we don't need to go into

when you say he mugged you off, did you type “mugg” instead of “wank”?

Oh look, untreated Post natal depression, how fucking hilarious 

new low for clergs? 

sorry to blow your mind, wellers, but some people do just hate their husbands and rationally resent their lives after having children

Ffs welly that is harsh even for the axis of shevil!

Veryheh @ ‘axis of shevil’

Consider your phrase nicked

I'll tell you what would make you a bit happier rhamnousia, a baby. Ask your beau to slip a bun in your proverbial, you'll cheer right up.

I am as happy as I will ever be

so are you, think on that