I love not having children

I just love it. It makes me want to do a carefree spin whenever I think about it.

Today I was reading in the LawSoc journal about a mother who was taken to court for slapping her kid in the pharmacy after it bit her other kid on the arm. The slapee didn't even cry, and the slap was described as "moderate" but apparently too bad. Your every move is subject to critique.

And a friend is worried because all the kids in her daughter's primary 2 class are bringing in gifts for the teacher and she doesn't have the money to spare. What is this, former soviet Ukraine?! Fuxake. Get this - one year a kid brought in BIRKENSTOCKS for their teacher, WHAT? That's a weird gift. And how did they know the right size?

Anyway freedom is delicious and fair play to youse that put others above yourselves day in day out because I would crack under that shyt after half a day, that is all.

BIRKENSTOCKS, tho! At a state school! Not in the Netherlands!

Clergs on fire today 

What with this and the can't sleep with bog brush confession 

you know who sound lucky? those parents with the kids who find hoovering really fun

I assume that stage does not last particularly long, though