I have a sneaky feeling, m88s, that football may be coming home
Sir Woke XR Re… 09 Jun 21 07:15
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Laz is tipping england to win euro 2020, mainly because it will goad all the moaning minnies on here

we have probably the second best squad in it after france

fvck Belgium, Belgium are old, they’re england’s golden generation in 2010, the average age of their defence is 63. Old teams don’t win tournaments. 

fook Portugal, half their best players are ancient too and yeah, they’ve got fifty world class attacking midfielders but they can’t play all of them. They still don’t know what a proper centre forward is and no, the 70 year old C Ronaldo isn’t one.

Fvck France. They’re probably the best team in it but I hope someone else knocks them out before we do.

Germany are a joke

The Dutch could be dark horses

Final will be England v either Ukraine or Turkey a d England will pwn it

I'm trying to imagine a world where Tyrone Mings wins a major international tournament. I guess it's possible.

England are decent and in with an outside shout.

watching France last week and their array of talent, it puts into perspective all the podcasts creaming themselves about how class the likes of Foden, Sancho etc are on the world stage. 

ironic you name those two since either of them would be in France's starting XI

No way - we'll have no answer to French supersub, Olivier Giroud. 

It's impossible not to get slightly carried away when you see Mason Mount play football.

But then you have to check yourself, it's england after all.

I got Belgium and Scotland as my sweepstake teams

When Southgate is selecting his team each time he needs to prioritise the young and inexperienced players at all times. E.g. Henderson or Bellingham? Bellingham every time. 

Exceptions made for Kane and key defenders like Stones and Walker.

He won't though, he will play half injured Maguire and Henderson as soon as pain killing injections allow. He will play out of form sterling ahead of clearly superior and younger options.

We won't win this one, the world cup might be tough given the climate, but in 3 years time England will have a group of young players with 2 tournaments worth of experience.

If he plays that makem clown hehnderson I’m turning off. Pickford is bad enough 

Depends on formation for me, I'd like to see us go out and attack teams with speed.  Have a feeling Southgate will go for a cautious, counter-attacking 5-3-1-1 though, which means no Sancho or Rashford.  Hope I'm wrong!

Losing Greenwood is annoying too.

It's gonna be Ukraine (due to sweepstakes rules).  I cannot bekiev it, Clive!  

I agree with those who say Southgate is too conservative. not having greenwood is a blow


Losing Greenwood will have absolutely zero impact on England’s chances of winning the Euros. He shouldn’t have been anywhere near the squad 

He wasn’t going to make the squad.

Announcing the day before/of the squad announcement that he had to recuperate over the summer due to a long-lasting injury that he has played despite this season? Just a convenient story to avoid unwanted publicity for both parties - which to be fair has worked. 

Would have had Greenwood over DCL and Bamford over both tbf.

My memory might be hazy but I seem to remember Southgate picked players with form when he first started out.  Not sure that's true any more, sadly.

Greenwood would have made the squad based on my prepping for 2024 Euros principle. He would also have made the starting lineup on the same basis.

I've been saying this for a few weeks now on here. 

It's coming home.

Honestly I'm struggling to imagine any realistic possibility of it not coming home. 

Might get the tattoo done early so it looks good for the big day. 

Greenwood is a better player than DCL in many respects, but I would not have taken him in DCL’a stead because DCL’a job is to be the only person in the squad other than Kane who can play as an orthodox No.9, which Greenwood can’t.

Did their recent performances in friendliest fill you with confidence then?

what the two straight wins with only the weaker half of the squad available, you mean?

not really, but friendlies count for f*ck all

Teams that win tournaments very rarely dazzle their way through the build-up or group stages. I don't think recent performances in friendlies mean much of anything at all.

France drew 1-1 against the USA in their last friendly before the tournament in 2018 and got booed by the home crowd.

If England are mentally strong and focused whilst not worrying about the pressure/expectation of winning the whole thing, they yes, I think they can win.

Not many England players would get into France's starting 11

My predictions for England:

group stage: W/D/L or W/D/D

Best of 16: squeaky win

QTR finals: exit (but a close one) and everyone will be saying how we had an easy path to the final but fvcked it up. Expect the usual players don’t give a fvck/ paid too much/not good enough/mentally weak arguments at this point.

The iron rule is that England cannot beat the top sides in the knock out rounds of competitions - last one was Spain in 96, and they weren't that good then and it was on penalties.  Looks like we will meet on in 2nd round this time, so 2nd round it is.

If England win the group then they meet the runners up of the Group of Death in the next round, likely Germany or Portugal. We won't go far. 

The one thing that England have got going for them is that if they do win their group then that next match will again be at Wembley, under the revised scheduling. 

  • Nelson is getting chinned
  • Relentlessly
  • Football is coming home

cannot beat the top sides in the knock out rounds of competitions - last one was Spain in 96, and they weren't that good then and it was on penalties. 

Yeh that spain game was nothing to shout about, spain should have had a stonewall penalty, had a perfectly good goal ruled offside and hadn't brought along Raul because they wanted him to focus on the olympics weirdly.

england will beat the czechs 10-0 fgs will also chin croatia, who aren’t the side they were when we faced them in the world cup and were actually pretty shite then tbh, we should have owned them. Prob 0-0 v the Jox.

How far will England go in Euro 2020?

Sir Woke XR Remainer FBPE MBE03 Jun 21 07:04

I'd probably go for Quarters,