I have just spent the afternoon with my ex-wife

I was a bit worried after sixteen years, but it turned out fine. Just chat about old friends and what they're up to.

Sometimes you can go back amicably.

Would be impossible with my ex women

Guilt, regret, what might have been on both sides

Too traumatic 

Sky rockets in flight

Afternoon delight


Poor old Sam. He must have not known what to do with himself. 


Heh can you imagine this with me?  There’s be police involvement, no question!

Police, schmeez tecco you'd have a pretend Jesuit there sent straight from the big V and would unload several tasers from the boot of your pretend ferrari vefore being appreheqndid by MI14

Teccers - Several hot Supermodels were spotted on last night’s Night Riviera ready to meet you for brekkie In The Admiral Benbow to reminisce about old times...

That’s great, I’ve just spent three hours trying to get out of bed.  Bad back and painkillers are in kitchen.  Fuuiuuck :(

Christ your hatred of me must have special healing powers, no sooner had I written that than I managed to crawl out the end and then use a door handle to pull myself up.  Thanks!

It didn’t last :(. Made it to the kitchen to take painkillers but on my way back to bed I had a spasm so bad I could do nothing but collapse onto the sofa.  Where I am now stuck until the drugs kick in.

I’m preferring strong benzos.  But still unable to really move yet.

Apart from Teclis hijacking this thread (get better soon btw), it was interesting. Long tales of kids, grandkids, divorces, marriages, affairs, a couple of deaths. People either or both of us knew ages ago but had lost touch with individually.

Anyone else met up with an ex after a long time?

I have met up with an ex gf before but there wasn’t a lot of talking really.

No word of a lie it took me this long to get back into bed from my sofa - about 20feet away.  Back pain isn’t cool mmmkay.

I've stayed in touch with my ex from when I was 15 and she was 14.  Holiday romance, but lasted for 18 months long-distance.  It was lovely, we both had fond memories.  Obvs very different sometimes for adult relationships but was striking how much of us both remembered - and the same things mainly. 

Supermodels Update:

They had some hot lezza sex on the way down, heard about your bad back, so have remained having fun in the luxury couchettes and will return, exhausted, to Paddington tonight...

I don’t know what the hell ive done but this is the worst pain ever when I try to move - full on 10/10 even when not moving it’s a good 3-4/10

You need  back surgery and an operation 

Call an ambulance 

Particularly if the nerves are being crushed. Could lead to permanent paralysis 

It’s just back pain, stop trolling, I’ve pulled a muscle I imagine, it just hurts more than normal.

tecco where is the pain? in the Cs or the Ls vertwise?


Lower?  What are cs and ls?  It’s in the usual place just above the cocxix however you spell it.

well the spine is divided into cervical vertebrae, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum and coccyx.  where u snap them totally depends on how much pretend sympathy you are looking for.  lower back could also be ribs, kidneys, or if localised to left the pancreas.


Yeah I’m using Xanax and Naproxen.  Had to get the Xanax on private prescription for the last time my back went.  Bloody misers.

And I don’t think I’ve snapped my spine!! It’s just a tweaked muscle probably. I shouldn’t have been trying to rearrange heavy furniture like that on my own anyway given my virtually negative levels of fitness at the moment.

"Anyone else met up with an ex after a long time?"


Apart from my ex husband who has no choice none of my exes talk to me 

There was a bit of that Linda. We had two kids together and that never goes away. Never will, so you do your best.

' none of my exes talk to me '

That is both sad and worrying 

Why you you really want to talk to an ex unless you really needed to?  I mean ok if you’re in the same group of friends and just had a fling I guess, but meh, if you aren’t honesty trying to shag or get back together with them I don’t see the point.


IME men who make a big deal about how wonderfully all their exes think of them are massive narcs 

wtf would you want to keep in touch with exes for? they are exes, move on

Merkx puts me in mind of a former colleague.  legend has it that he bumped into a lady in a lift in NY.  After apologising he said "hey, you look familiar".  "yes dave, i was your third wife..."*


*of 8

tbf that could easily happen to me (except that I probably wouldn’t speak to a stranger in a lift); I haven’t seen my first wife in 29 years or my second in 23 .,. no idea where they are or what they are doing