I have just had a bacon sandwich

6 rashers of crispy unsmoked streaky, black pepper, tomato sauce, scrape of butter in thick cut crusty white bloomer bread accompanied by a strong mug of tea  

Food of the Gods.

theres fook all too streaky bacon JB you need a decent no of rashers...

Strange savoury mid morning snack Guy?

What’s wrong with a nice hobnob?

That was grand. Brown sauce and back bacon. Wfh definitely has its perks.

Aside from using the wrong sauce it sounds epic. Brown is defo the way forward. One of my favourites is a bap containing bacon, black pudding and brown sauce, amazing combo

I really like a combo of red and sriracha normally, but it's raining so brown seemed right.

I also really miss decent bacon. It is something the Netherlands really doesn't seem to be into. Can't find proper back bacon and even the streaky isn't that good.

Tomato sauce for bacon sandwiches brown sauce for sausage sandwiches.  It is known

You’re either a regular at that cafe, gsm, or you’ve posted that same pic before 😉

Risky why are you eating in a harvester restaurant? Everything on that plate looks factory made. 

Regular Kimmy.  Guy, peppercorn sauce, fillet steak rare 

Risky eating in Wetherspoons on the reg non-shocka

Risky using his time machine to go back to a mid 90s Happy Eater on the A24 near Horsham

wtf is "unsmoked" bacon? and why's it in your sandwich? 

Chips look rubbish. What's the wine choice? Blossom Hill?

Groovers had the same meal there about 3 weeks ago - clearly a creature of habit.

And he eats it all with his fingers...

also sets me up nicely for my afternoon chinning, starting in about 30 minutes

Are they your mums beef medallions? 

Never heard them called that before... don't know how to feel about it either.

Older roffers do you remember 1970s when all the bacon was Danishhhhh??

How did they get away with it, clever marketing

Like the nz lamb etc

I’m not going to be able to have it tomorrow due to meetings :(

'your Mum's beef medallions' has definite potential as a new RoF catchphrase. 

the look like the frozen "beefsteaks" I used to get given as a kid, basically burgers that are not round with griddle marks.