I don't know who my real dad is and I don't care



Joel, 19, told MailOnline: 'I've not fallen out with Mum over this. We're all OK. She had just had an unhappy marriage and she wanted kids. And here we are. I never knew until a couple of years ago that Richard wasn't my real dad.'

No surprise, sons generally favour their mothers over fathers in disputes.

even when the mother has behaved like a copper bottomed cunt 

I think the father was probably a bit of a nightmare at home and the "father" chose to splash all this all over the tabloids which probably sums up the kind of person he is. If the mother used a condom with her lover but not the husband it might not be surprising if she thought the 3 children were the husband's.

She would have known exactly where she was on the dates they told her she conceived