I do like this weather for seeing the mens in thier shorts

I have a thing for a nice calve

Technically yes, but I was just going for a cheap joke to be honest.

Probably for the best.

If you could get me a round of applause off stage that would be kind, but I’d understand if you didn’t.

Sorry  the chicken in a basket meal has been served, you wont get even  a wave.

Uber or Addison Lee?

The title of this thread reads like it could be quote from The Man Who Would Be King

You’ve just reminded me. I was on the beach yesterday and was packing up when I turned around to see an older gentleman laying on the ground, about 20 feet away. Unfortunately his legs were not together and his shorts weren’t exactly restraining anything so I could see his chap. Bit awkward. I left v quickly. 

He didn't to put his boys back in the barracks Partridge style

Heh at stardust. Reminds me the new house in Hove is a few minute walk to the (pebble) beach, and apparently there's a nudey beach not far down in Brighton from us.  Older gentlemen rightly have no shame at all... the nude beach in Toronto is on an island in Lake Ontario and not really a place that you can stumble across, which to me is sensible for the prudish.


no apparently about it Canadian  there is a nudust beach in Brighton and Hove I think past the Marina

Was it a proper pensioners leg?


Wango's going to be sorry he missed that opportunity to trot out that Profanisaurus definition

I didn’t get close enough to look! Lesson is: baggy Speedos are baaad

But so good for airflow.

Can’t have the chaps getting all claustrophobic.

I had a wardrobe malfunction on the beach in Cayman when I first went there due to some hugo boss bathers that had as strutter says "good airflow". No one wants to see a ball pop out...least of all the poor waiter who brought me a beer on my sun lounger