I am so fecking sweaty

How sweaty do you get in bed?

What Badders said...

...the way to not get sweaty is to open the window.

And of course that means i’ll be able to hear you a lot better too, so it’s a win-win

Visions of Strutter in a dirty raincoat hiding in the flower bed outside.

You can't sleep with the window open if you live in a city. 

Yes you can.  I lived in a ground floor flat for 13 years until recently and I had window locks so the windows could be locked open enough to get some air without letting anyone in and I'd leave some of them locked open like that while I was at work.

my mate dav8 was in bed with his missus one hot night. Everyone’s windows open.

Sounds of coupling next door. Dave8 starts giggling.

Then stops when at the crucial moment dav8’s neighbour calls out the name of dav8’s missus.

I guess not Lady P... ...one of the joys of living in a 'metropolis' of 2500.

For real Minkie... ...that's funny. Could have been funnier... ...he could have called out Dave's name.

I think that "Strutter in a dirty raincoat hiding in the flower bed outside" pretty much sums up Feebs' ideal dream.

Badders in my dreams he then shouts something erotically filthy and I invite up

Speaking of ROF dreams, I dreamt about 12 last night.


we were trying to find a pub in Shrewsbury after having been at Lords watching the cricket all day. 12 was in triple denim

Surely you two have actually fucked by now 

this lame flirting is lame 

**In Strutter's evil rasping hiss**

"I bet your sweat tastes of Cornish sea salt"

i possess a beautiful bass baritone voice i’ll have you know

OMG I'm going to be so sweaty in Spain surprise

No aircon and it's meant to be topping 42 degrees. This will NOT be an attractive look!!

OMG I'm going to be so sweaty in Spain surprise

No aircon and it's meant to be topping 42 degrees. This will NOT be an attractive look!!

It is quite chilly here

I'm outside without a coat and frankly slight brr

yes clergs she does have an unusual name, so no mistaking it really! Also v beautiful so there you go, full-on crush.

Wait wait so he was having sex with someone else and called her Tallulah or whatever??

I tend not to as I keep a fan in my bedroom.  She's allowed out every now and then though 

Anna I don’t have a problem with the noise either and currently sleep through the railway at the bottom of the garden quite happily.

I like to keep windows and even the back door (fnarr) open so I can hear the waves.

At least the birds are no longer chirping outside my window at 3 fvcking am.

I had a dream where Meh gave me a handjob in a taxi whilst ML was skiing opposite us.  Ffs, I hate my subconscious.


Unless, of course, it's a flashback to RoF Xmas drinks, in which case I hate both my subconscious AND reality.

That wasn't the weirdest part by a long chalk, Ferret.

In response to calling me Badger.  I've only just spotted the thread which was the genesis of this.  You're still a rotten arse though.

Heh.  You are totally getting the mice infested room when you visit now.  And if there isn't one, I'm buying some in especially!

Damn.  Is there nothing this woman isn't the equal of?  You're awesome sauce, Stix.

But this has just reminded me that I dreamed last night I was playing pool in a ropey cricket club bar with Guy Ritchie and Madonna (who was rude and aloof), and then it was announced that my 24 year old mate from my actual cricket club had just been awarded a knighthood.  I obviously didn't believe it, but then I saw he had put it on his Facebook so it must be true.

Then I woke up.

I'm not sure whose subconscious is more fucked up, Badger.

Oh really?  I'll tell you the rest of that dream when we meet up and you can decide for yourself.

Badders, what part of the dream did you hate? The hand job or ML looking at you whilst it was happening

My Mrs’ m7 Davina has had her husband do the wrong name thing about my Mrs’ cousin (who he used to flatshare with, and who, it must be said, has frankly enormous boobs). They were both bridesmaids to my Mrs and Davina went frankly mental during this time. 

12, it was all in different shades of blue (think Timberlake 2001)

No wonder you woke up in a cold sweat. At least it involved pubs, Shrewbury and cricket.