I am sat opposite the great-great grandson of a 19th Century composer
  • but which one

did you say "I understand your great-great grandfather is a decomposer"?

  • Hails, I said 19th Century not 20th
  • thanks for trying though

Did you know for £20 Wagner will do you a personalised message on social media. When’s your birthday? 

  • Hails, I have 2 birthdays like the queen so it will cost you £40

Fuck, you’re ancient..

I’ll get Dean Gaffney for the “official” birthday.

  • luv you too hails
  • clue, Norse mythology...
  • let's put this to bed
  • Well technically Hails was right
  • but she was also wrong
  • so I'll give it you you Goose
  • plus she was sitting on my lap at the time*







*she wasn't