I am just not wired for a relationship

I have come to this conclusion, well I had anyway ages ago


Some people are better on thier own

Kinda feel the same lately Abbs. I just can't be doing with any of it.

What brings you to this conclusion?


I’m sort of the same but from the different angle that it’s better for other people if I don’t do a relationship.

The redhead is proper pissed off with me. :(

I have felt the same for a long term.  Every now and then I think I may be wrong and try a relationship then realise it's not for me.

I am glad I found love, wouldn't want to be on my own again.

I am not wired to be by myself and yet here I am.  It makes me a little nutty and depressed TBH.

Too long to explain but short version is that I was trying to do something nice with the absolute best of intentions and she found out and said it made her feel “small”.

I will never understand humans.

truth about finding love is, in my case at least, you got to be lucky - or be compatible with pretty much anyone, or a lot of people

"was trying to do something nice with the absolute best of intentions and she found out and said it made her feel “small”."


it is my genuine non snarky view that a lot of the treat her like a ladeeeee type things you post about your various shack ups would prompt this reaction from most women. Way too much way too soon 


FAOD I am not a proponent of treating anyone mean blah blah either 

Yeah I know, it’s just in my well meaning nature, I am crap at pacing things properly.

I told you before. Women don't like to be namby pambied 

Taking them somewhere smart on a first date serious mistake 

KFC or McDonald's sets the correct tone

Our first date was, I believe, spoons heh.

Anyway she loves me again now so all is well in teccoland.  Took a bit of fast talking but got there in the end.

Yeah this is what I mean. She doesn't love you, you barely know each other. Slow. Down. 

I was exaggerating! Just saying she’s talking to me again and isn’t mad at me anymore.  Promise.

You did spoons on the first date?  Man, that was some fast work on you part.  Kudos.

It’s sort of like that, I’d seen her there months before and then didn’t get a chance to talk to her that time so when I saw her again I just went for it as her mate wasn’t there and we ended up having a quiet drink together.  Then when other people showed up and wanted the group to move on, we sort of went and came back for something to eat.

I mean it was just an excuse to get away from the group really but yeah, we did sort of have our first date at spoons lol.

No, m3, it was an (admittedly weak) attempt at a sex joke!

"was trying to do something nice with the absolute best of intentions and she found out and said it made her feel “small”."


Well I get bollocked every couple of days for all manner of shite most of which I don't even see coming so I wouldn't get too fucking upset about it 

Yeah but this is only a few weeks into being together so tbf doesn’t bode well.  Am surprised I’ve made it this far really.

Yeah fair enough but just, y’know, have a good think about whether that’s really enough to write it off or consider yourself incapable of being in a relationship. 

I’ve been screamed at today for my gross incompetence (in fairness I was pretty incompetent on this occasion, but have taken it up the arse for much less over the years!)  We’re gonna watch a film soon.  Maybe I’m not suited to being in a relationship. Fuck knows.

Are you the dude whose wife wouldn't let him have pizza?

Nope - can’t imagine that situation ever arising!

LindaR is bossing the advice here Tecco. Listen to it. 



@sorrydidyousaystg - Hiw was the film - Did she make u do alan then in the end? 

I’m not wired for living with other people. I do manage to live quite harmoniously with my children, even the teenagers (mostly), but I have never managed it with another adult. I get very easily irritated. 

so this has become another threat about Teccy and his woeswink

I'm not sure I have any of the required wiring for dealing with other humans. In any way. let alone in a relationship.

I have been single now for almost 8 years. 



Yes dealing with humans is critical to being in a relationship.  Have you thought about being a lawyer?