I am irritable

things which are irritating me:

1) my broadband and phone line at home has gone kaput.  there is a fault on the line which BT is "investigating" so that will obviously take months of chasing

2) the opticians sent me the wrong contacts lenses for my left eye

3) my cleaner never does the floors or carpets properly

4) all the fucking flowers and hearts strewn around that I can't avoid

5) the fact that I am not a trophy wife

same, it is a weird quandary that life is super irritating but withdrawing from society entirely makes one even more irritable


1. Men are idiots.

2. My hairdresser is trying to gouge me over a £30 box of shampoo. I could just not go back but I like how he does my hair.

3. my bum looks rubbish

4. why can't people work pavements

5. why am I such a loser professionally

oh yes and went to the cinema on Sunday and saw Can You Ever Forgive Me? which was an excellent film, but because I booked online for one person, I got allocated the shittest seat at the cinema, right on the front row on the very end right seat, which not only gave me a weird view but was also directly under the freezing cold air con vent.  There were other seats free but I was unable to choose another of these free seats online.

that is yet more discrimination against single people.

Clerghers - re 2), this is going to make me sound like my mother, but I am getting really fed up with people constantly trying to get money out of me.

I have not seen any other person in the flesh in about five days.  I feel this may be the clergs route to happiness.

could you just have sat in an empty seat, jc? I ask this knowing that I would be anxious about doing so and then someone arriving and a scene ensuing.

and I know re money it is enraging

not seeing other people is not good

I am also irritable but unjustifiedly so, which is not the greatest place to be in.

it was only after the film had started and I looked around that I saw the empty seats and by that time it would have been a bit too embarrassing (for me anyway) to have to shift my stuff and move.  It was in the Curzon Victoria, so quite a small cinema.  I have a low embarrassment threshold.  

two things.  My greys now need doing every 6 weeks and I think that I am getting a bit longsighted as well as being very short sighted.

I'm getting stressed about dying. 

All my best years are behind me, wasted on people who abused my good nature. 

PLUS, Clerghers, I saw photos of my NEMESIS at Annabel's all laughing and photogenic etc and it made me cross.

oh my God JC I saw my nemesis at Annabel's also

she was wearing a playsuit and looking smug and I despised her even more (amazed that this was possible)

they should close that place down with all the nemeses locked inside

raddy - it did occur to me the other day that if I fell down dead people would be like "bit of a surprise but not infeasible"

anyway if you spent the past on idiots they weren't your best years

I am pretty much always irritated, but particularly today:

1. the amount people try to upsell and repeat stuff at you when you have to contact someone like an insurer.

2. the fact that I look like a horror show despite apparently getting a decent night's sleep.

3. the amount my 4 year old can D!CK ABOUT when asked to do any simple task such as putting on a coat.

4. someone at work whose confidence vastly outweighs their abilities.

I’ll probably irritate many on this thread but I find doing my headspace app really helps with irritation to the extent that Mrs G can tell if I’ve not done it for a few days. It has even stopped me swearing at arseholes who drive like arseholes around me, and I’ve been swearing at them all my adult life. 

But the only reason to even know about it is andrew gammonface off of this week, just scroll higher thru the channels until u find die hard

"just scroll higher thru the channels until u find die hard"

this should be in a self help book tbf

see, ZG, what irritates me about that (apart from the fact that it makes me think about the stupif headspace voices) is the suggestion that I should have to be less irritable

why should I!

those assholes should just die

You don’t have to be less irritable if you don’t want to, but I’ve relatively recently found it easier in life to be less irritable. This may have something to do with a hugely independent two year old who refuses to put her coat or shoes on or leave the house in the morning in less that 45 minutes.