Humorous names brighten my day for a few minutes

thank you for your email Mr. auntz.

I usually get bored of trying to read Thai names after the first couple of syllables but just noticed a "Chamlertwot" on the recipient list of another email.

tis a good day.

Not certain she exists, as heard the name but haven't met/dealt with her, but chortlesome for our French cousins...Gemma Pell

The trainee on call with me, had to go on mute because he was laughing so much every time the name was mentioned Brrrrrrrap. Of course, I found many excuses to mention Mr Dikshit by name ;-)

how is it trufax then if you cannot verify existence?

winnership revoked and stop fúcking cheating.  

i enjoyed the round on university challenge on monday (and, as an aside, kudos 2 sheff 4 smashing it) on nomin7ive determinism. 1 of the answers was the old belgian footballer, mark de man. makes me chuckle every time

I saw that and it reminded me of a fairly recent appointment to the governing board of The Wine Society - Eleanor de Kanter.

I've just an e-mail from a man called Rimmer.

Friend also worked for a German bank and reported to a Herr Doktor auntlecker.

Thomas Crapper

Thomas Percy

I saw an ice-cream, or a confection, in Germany called Bum Bum

The Austrian village spelt Fu c  k  ing, pronounced "Fugging". They're changing the signs so that the homograph and homophone are the same, i.e. to Fugging.

Fugging shame!



This is a rof thread.  You need to specify whether it was or was not a public school (and if it was whether "major" or "minor" - whatever the fook that might mean)


I think the distinction seems to be that it’s major if you went there but minor if someone else attended?

I have worked with a Bendt Øve 

Simen is a popular name here. It's hard to keep a straight face at introductions.

On the other side of it, the footballer Steve Cook is always a favourite for Norwegian football commentary. His name has a very unfortunate translation. Stiv kuk...


so what

I knew Catherine Sukmonowski well too. And I met Peter Kunzlik when he was at Citi university. 


There is a competition partner in a continental office of a Magic Circle firm whose surname presents a real challenge in pronunciation.  

There's certainly an ongoing rumour which may or may not be true that when Nick Azis joined and became a partner at MWE there had to be an exception made to the email format of "first initial no punctuation surname"

Was it Bircham Dyson Bell has the same email format as that and had Alan Badcock, who emailed as abadcock@

I went to school with a Beverly Hill

I've worked with a Mike Hunt and an Ivonna Bendova

I have met Annette Curtin

I went to school with a chap called Jamie Balls who was in the Naval cadets and the senior cadet which held the rank of Coxwain. 

we also had an American called Orson Carte. 

a friend of mine introduces himself as "Barabada Archibald Cumbquat Ponsenby Smythe VII" when asked.    His name is Simon..

I received a letter from a Ken VVank once (I took a copy, I'm sure I still have it somewhere).

A friend worked with a Candida Beaver. I don't know how you get past being effectively named Fungal Vagina.