"Hugging and affection cost extra, Donald!"
PerfidiousPorpoise 01 Oct 20 13:09
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He should have paid for the full girlfriend experience.


(That little futile handtug is almost sad enough to break your heart, except for the fact that he is a vile piece of turd.)

Heh. Even Heamus gets more than that from his rent a bird arrangement.

Cost extra?  Be kind the man has to pay his taxes!

Does anyone know morse code? We need to know if she is blinking S.O.S.

heh, she fvcking hates him doesn't she? and who could blame her frankly. 

Her distain for him is so obvious. As soon as he is no longer president she is filing for divorce.

WTF did she ever see in him in the first place?

He makes my skin crawl.

according to gossip he is literally paying her to stay with him

WTF did she ever see in him in the first place?

A ticket out of what she had been doing--pornographic photo shoots probably not being the most unsavoury?

Melania, what first attracted you to the celebrity and purported billionaire, Donald Trump?

You'd think if it really was an arrangement she'd just pretend 

Melania has the hots for that Dwight Yorke.

"You go Blackburn Rovers, you never go Aston Villa". Or something.

Think she has reached her threshold for pretending. Bet she didn't think she'd be in this acting job as long as she has been.

TBF I do feel a bit sorry for Trump in that clearly, nobody has ever really loved him. His dad was a proper cunt, probably a bigger one than he is (which may be why daddio was much more successful in business).

Yes I know he's a vile human being, but he's probably partially like that because nobody's ever loved him.

I have a grudging respect for the Melanias of the world.

Can you imagine having Tiny Hands slobbering all over you? Ick.

Agreed. I have more respect for Melania than for Ivanka.

Oh wait, except Ivanka probably also needed to put up with Tiny Hands slobbering ...

Yes I know he's a vile human being, but he's probably partially like that because nobody's ever loved him. 

ffs.  Many, many people have shitty upbringings (without the trappings of a millionaire lifestyle) and don't go on to destroy the world.  

"Can you imagine having Tiny Hands slobbering all over you? Ick."

On account of it is unlikely that he has been able to get it up in the last several years, I reckon she's safe on that account...

Give it a rest, Kimmy. I’m not saying it’s ok that he’s a twat or destroying the world, although he’s got a fair bit of work to do if he actually wants to destroy the world. I’m saying I feel a bit sorry for him because he did have a shit upbringing with a dad who was a genuinely awful human being.

She must be so mad at her luck. 

She landed a wealthy idiot of a husband who was keen on fast food and who owed the Russian mob. Just had to sit tight for a bit and wait for novichok or clogged arteries to do the rest.

Now she’s First Lady to a philandering clown. The whole world knows she traded her dignity for a few dollars and that her husband paid off porn stars whilst she was pregnant.

I agree with Laz. For some reason, Donald is a victim in my mind. For some reason I feel he's a product of his upbringing and he's been sent down the wrong road. 

No idea why I feel like that.

CV and apnhb are soft as shite. The bloke is a spoiled, racist, blubbery bully who has fucked his country into a top hat because Obama was mean about him ages ago in a speech.

It's like feeling sorry for Jimmy Sav because his mum was a controlling harpy.

Ditto feeling sorry for BoJo.

I am soft. It's true. All your points are valid.

Linda called me a cunt today. Still feel sad about it. 

Hindsight is wonderful.

She wanted them to be role models for social distancing