How is your local pharmacy?

Every one I go into locally is always deluged with work, not enough staff and long waits for customers.  Even 10 years it wasn’t this bad.

Can’t understand it, as the regular stuff I get for myself comes via an online pharmacy, which others must also do.  Only explanation can be the massive strain on the system by a rapidly aging population which has massive demands on the system.

There is absolutely no way that any pharmacy I know has the capacity to actually spend the time issuing prescriptions, as HMG is planning for them to do.

It’s surprising how shite pharmacies are in my part of the world considering it’s a rich area anyway and the last few pandemic-stricken years should have been good for the sector.

We have a lot of Lloyds pharmacies locally. This chain seems to have fallen out with Sainsbury’s in a big way, and the formerly first choice, every time branch inside the superstore at Øtford ha latterly become a total joke. Staff disillusioned, it’s shut half the time for manpower shortages. There are a couple of other Lloyds nearby that, after changes of management, are just about ok. Sevenoaks has one independent, Paydeans, which while characterised by the dedicated and long serving staff that most family-owned shops and chains in the Weald of Kent are, commercially seems to be on its uppers,

Even the local Boots appear to be suffering from shortages, and maybe that supply chain shagdown is the heart of the industry’s problems. You’d think that after three and a half years of massive demand and massive dingding, the pharma sector would be rolling in supply. But seems it’s still not.

Was v impressed that one up the road was doing jabs last year. V good service, and I was sceptical. Eases pressure on the rest of the NHS. Fine by me.

sweet as.  almost anyting u wawn is available OTC.  they even still have barbiturates over here in case you fancy a pleasant suicide.

Can't say I go in much but the last time I did was last November. Asked for a flu jab, right in the arm, left 

Took less than 5 mins 

Was very impressed 

Still baffles me why so many governments mandate prescription-only for fairly innocuous drugs.

fúckups gonna fúckup whatever and the few shouldn't inhibit the many from access to helpful (if not entirely necessary) drugs without having to book a drs appointment, get referred, go to drs again for repeat script &c...

My local pharmacy is staffed by pleasant people and, if there’s a queue at all, it’s normally only one person in front of me.

Well stocked and efficient out here (like everything else). 

In the UK I am always absolutely amazed how many pharmacies there are (particularly in London). There must be 5 at least within easy walking distance of my house. What the fvck can possibly be wrong with everyone that we need that many?

Nice local independent just off the Green.  Popped in to book a flu vaccine appointment last year and they said "well if you've got five mins I can stab you now".  Sorted.  Nice bunch.