How would reserved seats only long distance work in practice?

These trains aren't all through train.  People commute in the shorter sections.  Are they suggesting a commuter books a seat everyday or, worse still, can't get to work because it's fully booked by long distance travellers?

They wouldn’t work, Virgin just wants to make more money.

Why can't they make this work?  LNER seem to be doing a damned decent job of it.  How can people be some completely fucking useless?

They say the commute bit is only 10% on these journeys and they’d basically look to remove the commuter stations from the route altogether. 

The reservation bit is easy and as badman says commonly used already. The NEEDING a reservation bit more worrying. An end to open returns, presumably.

I would not go so far as to say damned decent job tho

I would usually say you cant go wrong with a pizza X but I did on saturday: all three types of chilli on the AmHot. Manned thru it but jesu cristo et spiritu santi my sherrif's badge paid for it on Sunday.

Virgin tried to get round the rule all main line trains from London had to stop at Stockport on the way to Manchester. Is slightly odd as it’s only 5 mins between Manchester and Stockport, but it’s a bye law that the trains have to stop as the people of Stockport paid for the viaduct. They failed.