How old is your toaster?

Mine is 20 this week.

I keep giving mine away on divorce. keeps the average age of electrical equipment down


Reminds me of an old partner of mine with 2 divorces under his belt who used to joke that he was looking for that special third lady to whom he could give a million quid’s worth of house

I wish mine would break so I can buy a fancy one 

Mine is a Dualit one that is 8 months old and is breaking. British manufacturing is shite,

apropos of nothing at all 20 years ago i'd just start to get twitchy about impending finals.


FVCK ME time flies.

24 years ago i'd just start to get twitchy about impending finals. And about 23 years ago.  And 22 years ago.  And pretty much about every 6 months ever since in my fucking nightmares waking and sweating like Gary Glitter in a playground.

Brand new actually.

Public service announcement

If you have had mice in your house, keep your toaster in a cupboard

Mine is older than I realised - about 7.  Still working well.  

Time flies, bought it with the ex for our new kitchen.

 "keep your toaster in a cupboard"


Protestants do this appaz 

there's somebody of this parish who didn't believe the toaster thing. so I sent them a picture of a toaster resplendent in its cupboard


I used to have one of those roll down cupboard things so the toaster lived in it (there was a socket). I don't habitually leave it in a cupboard 

actually my toaster is currently being kept in the microwave as there's no room in the cupboard

what does that say about my religion?

is there any chance we could have a look at the photo of the toaster in a cupboard?


btw congratulations Guy, to your toaster and yourself :)

"is there any chance we could have a look at the photo of the toaster in a cupboard"

the internet, where there is nothing someone won't wank over...

Thank you Ronald.  I think it is my oldest possession still in use and I hope for another 20 happy and productive years together.

I don't think clubbers shares those kind of pics anymore 

my toaster is about 17 years old

I like it very much: it toasts efficiently and reliably, including from frozen, and it has a nicely positioned crumpet warmer

5 years old, cost about 30 quid.Am I missing something with those ppeople who spend 500 quid on a toaster, seems a total waste of money. John Lewis have one by Smeg at about that price. 

who spends £500 on a toaster? never heard of such a thing.

My toaster is a collector's item now as it's a 13 year old number acquired from Woolworths complete with matching kettle.

Guy, there are some on John Lewis site. I know a few who have parted with a hundred quid on one,which still seems insane.

there is no need to complicate toasters

decent width to allow thick bread

even heating

reliable timer to spring up toast and turn heating off

I can't be doing with Dualit nonsense 

I have had my toaster just over two years, it was my brothers before that so probably about six years old in total.


It lives in the cupbaord when not in use

Clubberz’ closet toaster pic is the absolute peak of wtf. 


My counter top dwelling toaster is 6 mths old, the 20 year old hand down from people who went to live in Alabama (bet they and their twin daughters regret that today) having finally broken. The new one is ace - one looong slot for funky shaped bread

(NB clubberz himself doesn’t actually appear with the toaster)

Toaster is 27 years old this year.  

Nothing compared to a house in Scotland where I used to stay where the electric toaster dated from 1956 when the house was last done up.  Still there AFAIK.

I have that iron 


is that my actual cupboard??

Our toaster was more than a tun, sick of cheap toasters breaking. 3 years so far as still going strong

IRON next to TOASTER??? it's enough to make one want to say hail marys

The floral dishwasher friendly serving dish thing is pure Argos catalogue c.1985

I thought you were going to say your toaster was as old as the old Mr Darcy wink wink