How much would a single middle aged man require to sustain

a decent quality of life.

Nice little house within an hour of London.

4 hols a year

a couple of nice hobbies to keep himself busy


£100k will give a single person a very comfortable life-  even in the South East provided you dont want to live somewhere where property prices are sky high.

Without a mortgage and assuming the holidays aren't 4* month long cruises and that you live in a modest house where you can deal with most of the upkeep yourself then you need around £50k a year.

50k was true a decade ago Sails, would be a squeeze now if you wanted 4 holidays and hobbies etc - probaly 75k now would be ok.

The real answer is that a decent quality of life can only be attained by giving all away (though you might end up in a state run care home living off cabbage soup). 

That's based on my calculations for my current lifestyle removing the ridiculous stuff like paying £6k in insurance courtesy of some expensive possessions and having a house with several acres.  Currently more than half my take home each month goes on mortgage, insurance, council tax and just generally running costs.  Remove and/or reduce that lot and I'm quite happy on half my current salary which gets me to about £50k.

I'm on just north of 40K and it's a real struggle to pay mortgage and bills etc every month and rely on credit cards for any large unexpected things that pop up

Life is v expensive. And I am in a relatively cheap part of the SE (nearer Oxford than London)

Can't say about London, but if you want to own and not rent that house, no need to bother below 300K per annum in my neck of the woods.

assuming that the house is owned, and has been very well maintained, I reckon 50k would do it if the hobbies and holidays were pretty low key.  for a proper rof style qol probably closer to 100 plus owned house

I am talking fully owned 3/4 bed house with at most half an acre and a paid for second hand reasonable motor and continuing to do my main hobby largely for free/being paid for some it.

I regularly crunch the numbers when I consider leaving a London firm and working more locally.

You lot better have decent pensions if you think you will need over £50k p/a to live in comfortable retirement (with the house and all other encumbrances paid off).



Hugely depends on the holidays and hobbies.  I could easily spend 4-5x more on mine than I do if I had the funds.  

I’m afraid yet again you’ve all failed to account for inflation - apart from MH. You’ll need to increase the net sums for living on by around 30% just to take account of the next five years bumming the tories are giving you. 

Cos then I'd have London expenses unless it was just a soulless WFH all the time affair. Which would suck out all the extra money .

You don't win with cost of living in this country 

I’d expect a moderately experienced lawyer in decent regional firm to earn more than that as I was paid more than that working by the seaside nearly 15 years ago.

Get in the real world. Without a mortgage £50000 is plenty for one person. What hobbies do you have that are so expensive?

Are we all answering the same question? Are we talking about gross pre-tax salary, or expenditures?


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