How much mince would you consume

in one sitting.

So, Im chatting to the lad next to me at work. He says that when he is making a chili with his wife, he would use a 500g of mince and divide it between two.

This is mental right? We would cook 500g but that would last the two of us for at least 2 sittings each.


No. Either he has no idea about quantities and just made it up (which is quite likely) or he is a monster fatboy or he runs 15km every evening.  


Although he just revealed he doesn't put peppers in his chili (I know, right?) 

putting gravy on my chili is probably excessive tbf wang

When i’m doing roast beef I generally reckon that 250g per head is about right

yeh but you're bulking it up with onions, peppers, tomato etc

plus Marjoram

Exactly, because it is only a very small steak you need extra veg to bulk it out. Not peppers though, unless u mean chilis?

I prefer 250 but will do 500 if it's not available and I don't do reheats yuk

What’s the matter with reheats?

They are often actually more flavoursome for the second cook.

Sure he isn’t doing qourn rather than beef mince? I’ve found I use a bit more of that than beef.

500g would serve 4 in our house if being served with rice.

I think welly is just missing an m and  an accent from the thread title

500g if bulked out appropriately with veg is good for two meals, but the second would be quite a bit smaller than than the first. Depends on carb choice and volume too.

1. What Betty said

2. Reheated is better

3. Peppers in chili is all kinds of wrong. Tomatoes are wrong too btw.

500g is generous for two, but not ridiculous, for 3 would be about right ,  for 4 doable but quite small.

It's only enough for two sittings for both of you if you're a pair of tofu-munching pussweeds.

Thank god someone still uses proper weights and measures. 

But Bernstein, what would you do with the leftover 1 1/3 ozs?

250g per person is fairly reasonable if you aren't having much carbs with it. It's about 700 calories so with modest carbs and other stuff (and not too much cheese) it's probably about 1000 calories for the meal.  For the main meal of the day that's not awful.

If you are eating that much meat with a big plate of rice and loads of cheese and sour cream etc then you are something of a greedy fvcker.

I buy those 250g packs and that makes me one portion of dinner and one portion for leftovers the next day.

To answer the original q, house wang can eat a metric fuck tonne of mince in one sitting.  and one of us is a vegetablist and a another a saussifarion.

I always knew Wang could take a fair amount o meat.