how much do you worry about electrical fires?

ever since grenfell I feel a little afraid of my fridge

and a friend recently had an electrician round who found a concealed live wire that could have killed her at any moment

there's death in the walls!

TBH I dream of an electrical fire so I can get an oversized payout from the insurance and replace a shitty old "character" house with a Huf Haus. If my family are lucky and I am home alone they might also get £1.5m to spend. 

I have an indesit (whirlpool) washer / drier. A couple of years ago i checked the serial number on their "Do we need to modify your incendiary white goods?" Website checker and it said yes, it is is one of the burny ones.


My life partner checked again when i told them and got the all clear. So we kept it unmodified.

It is still plugged in at the wall. 

I might bump up the life assurance.

Quite paranoid about fire in general and always have been, I thought about buying a fire chain ladder after Grenfell but then I thought I'd never persuade my littlest to climb down it in the dark. I have an escape plan tho 

and smoke alarms on every floor. All the white goods are wired in and there's a very sensitive switchboard. 

We had an indesit tumble drier that caught fire while we were out, fortunately only a small fire and didnt spread

After that got some mains wired fire alarms and stuck a CO2 extinguisher in the pantry

Death comes to us all. TBH dying in your sleep of toxic fumes from an appliance is probably quite a good way to go. 

my wife can’t leave the house with having to go back to check if her straighteners are turned off

Straighteners are just a fire risk and burn hazard.

I turn appliances off at the wall switch and unplug any items that don’t need an ongoing power supply if I’m away for more than a day or two.

Sorry Mum.

Tbf they do also straighten hair quite well, Sails.


I can't believe someone drilled the best part of 400 holes to hold the matchsticks in that gif only to undermine the creative effect by showing their pudgy fingers lighting it all up in the first frame. Amateur.

Head shaved in a minute is a good skill. You should charge for it. 

If I am off for more than a day or two I kill the main switch for the electric, then kill the main power line in the street. I also cut of the water and gas supply to the street and sandbag all the doors. 

Sadly I got run over while doing this last time we went away, so am wheelchair bound.