how much do u reckon a modern day senior associate at a non-London UK branch of CMS makes?

no information will be provided in terms of practice area

well that seems pretty critical

would the bonuses be good or like £50 for an M&S hamper at Christmas?

Disgrace that London NQ scrotes earn over a hundred grand a year

big structural cost that will pillage equity profits this year 

Eyes moisten remembering low lockdown overheads 

well the business model pyramid says they can't all be headed for partnership (and indeed who really WANTS to be a partner these days - GC ftw)

Think the bonuses would be decent. Think 130k sounds a bit toppy in the regions tbh- unless individual is on the cusp of being made up.

80 - 100 k. Overhead is about 100k. So bonuses will start to arrive if they are invoicing more than 300k a year.

And zookeepers make around £180k…

Would be surprised if Edinburgher CMS associate was on more than £100k. My figures are a bit out of date, but not so long ago McGrigors partners would start on around £80k.

All I know is that a two rosette pub chef is on around 100k

Bollocks.  £60-65k in London and less in the regions.

My window cleaner is on about 200k netnet + bonuses. 

Although he's a Senior Executive Vice President Associate Director now.

Regional nq salary about 60k

So 10peeker only needs to get 5k a year increase and reasonable bonus to be pushing 130k

Range of 100k-130k sounds about right in that context 

Thing is Davos lot of the firms have ended associate lockstep - and have caps / limits for regions. In 2019 bottom of equity at CMS was only 160k. So think 130k would only be feasible if about to get the tap. Also depends on which office- imagine Bristol pays more than Leeds etc.

Yeah true - if you hit the cap surely you leave though? Or do you still get inflationary salary increases?

Taking a pay cut every year doesn't seem a sensible way forward for a solicitor?