How many units...

Do you drink in a week? 


Circa 60 for me. 

Generally 0.

The week of RoF Christmas drinks it feels like 3,478,942.

Difficult to measure, as I can go weeks without a drink

Maybe 5 a week average.  If I go out out, I might have 20.  Couple of times a year.  Or more, if I go really out out.

Maybe 10?


Don't drink at all during the week, half a bottle of wine on a Saturday, bottle of beer or a GnT on Friday after work.


i thought people grew out of bragging about how much they drink in their twenties?

Now sleep. I'll happily brag about how many hours of sleep I get in a week.

Interesting that you thought that was a brag.

Generally low so far. Hoping you’re all full of shit. 

Afraid my answer is honest.  Don't drink at home on my own at all so most weeks have a few pints with a good friend one evening during the week and then most weekends some social activity involving a few drinks although there are weekends that I don't drink at all.

20 to 30 units a week these days although this week will be at least double that. 

Yeah sorry but my answer was honest too, I used to be a mad heavy drinker but time, tablets and overdoing it when younger all put paid to that.  I enjoy being abstemious though, I used to get such bad hangovers!

Probably about 10 units a week if I don't go out or visit my in-laws.

Plus 5-10 units for each occasion I go out or visit my in-laws (maybe once every 10 days on average).

I don't really understand units

so probably like 5


Nope, never had a problem with controlling myself. Most of my friends are pretty moderate too. It would be a rare occasion to have more than a couple of glasses on a night out (and I always regret it when this happens - 1.5 is the sweet spot).

It will in fact be more than 5 but I have no idea how much more and since I'm confident its healthy I don't really care.

in fact it's not even controlling myself, I don't really want to be vom drunk


joffz, you will be pleased to know I also drink 50-60 units a week (although take a month off every now and then)

One bottle of rubbishy wine is 9 units.  3 glasses to a bottle.

1.5 glasses is approx 4.5 units, more than recommended for a lady in a single session.

Ridiculously enough.


if only washing could fix your presentational problems, eh

Clean is clean but ugly is ugly :(

You can at least fix your hygiene issue, but there's no fix for fugly.

So ner.