How many units...

Do you drink in a week? 


Circa 60 for me. 

Maybe 5 a week average.  If I go out out, I might have 20.  Couple of times a year.  Or more, if I go really out out.

Maybe 10?


Don't drink at all during the week, half a bottle of wine on a Saturday, bottle of beer or a GnT on Friday after work.


i thought people grew out of bragging about how much they drink in their twenties?

Afraid my answer is honest.  Don't drink at home on my own at all so most weeks have a few pints with a good friend one evening during the week and then most weekends some social activity involving a few drinks although there are weekends that I don't drink at all.

Yeah sorry but my answer was honest too, I used to be a mad heavy drinker but time, tablets and overdoing it when younger all put paid to that.  I enjoy being abstemious though, I used to get such bad hangovers!

Probably about 10 units a week if I don't go out or visit my in-laws.

Plus 5-10 units for each occasion I go out or visit my in-laws (maybe once every 10 days on average).

Nope, never had a problem with controlling myself. Most of my friends are pretty moderate too. It would be a rare occasion to have more than a couple of glasses on a night out (and I always regret it when this happens - 1.5 is the sweet spot).

It will in fact be more than 5 but I have no idea how much more and since I'm confident its healthy I don't really care.

joffz, you will be pleased to know I also drink 50-60 units a week (although take a month off every now and then)

One bottle of rubbishy wine is 9 units.  3 glasses to a bottle.

1.5 glasses is approx 4.5 units, more than recommended for a lady in a single session.

Ridiculously enough.