How many times have you worn blackface?

How many times have you been at an event where someone else wore blackface?

Me none and none. It's not something I've ever seen anyone I know doing. 


Zero. A, acquaintance of mine did it as part of a fancy dress costume at uni and it did not go down well. (They weren't dressing up as a black person, but it looked like they were.)

Zero and I've never seen anyone I know do this either 

Personally never, but saw it a lot in Switzerland in the 90s, both for carnival/fasnacht and Christmas/Samichlaus

Pretty fucking cringey looking back at old photos.

Bet tricky has - they have that weird black fatherxmas thing in dutchland.

Nearest I have come is watching the train scene in trading places.


Ive only ever put on blue face but Smurfette never spoke to me again.

My m7 Dave once did Greenface- he used a lot of tin foil to dress up as a pea on a fork

Not once, never. Not even for a school play or something back in the day when that might not have been considered wrong.

And I genuinely can't think of anyone I know who has.

There was a James Bond house party at university where only the hosts could be Bond, and one of the rugby club lot came blacked up as Tee Hee from 'Live and Let Die', but I didn't know him personally.

Never done it, never seen anyone else do it.

I don't understand how it seems to have been a rite of passage for all politicians. 

Errr we're talking about Canada yeh. Things work slightly differently there I would imagine.

I once painted my self blue like a smurf at the London 7s


Never. But, well.....


....once I was a narrator for the school production of The Jungle Book when I was 8. They browned up my face (THIS WAS THE SCHOOL'S DECISION) and I looked like I had been on holiday for about three weeks. I wore a genuine sari borrowed from my Dad's colleague's wife and I had INCREDIBLY blonde hair. In hindsight, bit weird.

At Wadebridge carnival in August this year there was a couple driving a float done up to be a little red lorry marked "Golden Shred" and dressed as the full golliwog.  But then, you know, Cornwall...

I only wear it when I travel to predominately black areas or when invited to a black person's home - out of respect. 

They particularly love it if I wear my suit, white gloves and big white lips, whilst singing "Mammy".

I literally see the tears welling up in their eyes. It's beautiful. 


I have a photo on my phone if anyone can tell me how to post pics on here...



I have played ibble dibble but that's a different matter


Does it count if it was Irishman who browned up his face to go to a party as a Mr. Potatohead?

...of the Cornish golliwogs, not me in blackface FTAOD

None and loads. Mostly at uni under the guise of "ladz, pintz  bantz".

I have painted my face in black camouflage paint whilst deep behind enemy lines on a secret mission.

[Tecco mode off]

Camo face paint is actually a combo of shades of brown and green. I have worn it a few times. It actually does not agree with my skin that well.

Never actually worn blackface. I have done greenface to dress up as a ninja turtle.

  • I have never blacked up
  • At uni a friend went as the black crayon for a crayola fancy dress night, but eventually lost the costume and looked blacked up
  • They say it isn't black face but the Sweeps Festival in Rochester 

I've never been to a party where anyone blacked their face

I did enjoy some 'gangsters, tarts and vicars' parties back in the day

stardust, I know you were only 8 but this doesn't reflect well on you....

trudeau comes across as a bit of a wally but I doubt he's a racist

Diceman, that is exactly it, I don't think he is a racist, but it does make me wonder what his decision making is like.

Never, I have sat on a black face several times, but that is something completley diffferent

Oh yeah I've done the camo paint for CCF night ops but that's not the same thing


Image result for rambo camouflage paint gif

diceman, it was totally encouraged by all the adults involved - the biggest issue I had was that I was always the narrator in these things cos I could read better than most other kids in my class and never got to be the fun stuff like one of the elephants (the whole thing was nicked from the Disney film). In hindsight it's extremely weird, but no batted an eyelid -  not even the family who let me borrow the sari?! The 80s was a very different time, apparently.

I still think of the '80s as modern, but when it comes to social issues it might as well have been the 17th century. 

Did you not have to memorise your lines as narrator?  I remember being a dressed an elf complete with stick on big ears to be a narrator in Elves and the Shoemaker.

It's not that, PM, it's the fact that the teachers overseeing the whole play (this was when I was at primary school fyi) were quite happy to brown us all up for it.

Wasn't the issue about the kimono something to do with Kim Kardashian trying to register the word Kimono as a trademark?

Anyone been in Amsterdam near Christmas and seen the Schwarte Pete's?

Ok, sixth form i was invited to an all white party, ie where the dress code was white, and to take the piss a friend and me went in KKK outfits. It went fine, but man, I had no clue how offensive I was being. It was done innocently, but obviously very ignorantly. I sort of feel it was so egregiously, obviously bad taste, and that was the joke - it was soo over the top -a nd being done for that reason, that it's forgiveable - it wasn't like I was trying to fit in at a racist party or anything. I dunno. You decide.

to clarify, i knew it was offensive, but i had no real idea why or how much

How are the dead going to respond to the new trend to skeleton face in Day of the Dead style? I’ve seen Poltergeist and the zombie apocalypse oeuvre. We toy with these sensitivities at our peril. 

Lady Penelope

20 Sep 19 11:02

Wasn't the issue about the kimono something to do with Kim Kardashian trying to register the word Kimono as a trademark?


No. You didn't read the article, did you?

Never. Except that whole Black Pete/Zwarte Piet thing that we've got/had going on here. So basically, umm... too often to remember. But I'm not racist. I think. 

Never.  I did once go as a "native" to a "pirates and natives" party (would that be allowed now?) but I felt my own skin colour was just fine.  There was lots of people, of lots of races, being pirates and natives and everyone seemed fine with it.

I think I have seen people "blacked-up" in fancy dress at nightclubs, but not my mates and we're talking a long time ago.

stardust, I've heard of worse in 80s school drama productions


soot on the face for Mary Poppins sketches but I think that's about it ;)

Never worn blackface myself.

Some m8s once dressed up as the A team for a fancy dress party which included 'BA' blacking up.

I once went to a party as a south American freedom fighter.  Guess that would be considered racist now as I had a huge stick on moustache for a start.

I used to teach at a private school in Canada and we did it all the time. Standard code for formal ocassions was "White Tie Black Face" and the ladies loved it. I uploaded some of the photos on Facebook a few days ago. 

I did go to an Arabian Nights themed party myself (not the same one as Trudeau) attended by army officers on a base. The regiment had recently returned from operations.  One man did come dressed as a suicide bomber, but I don't recall if he browned himself.

The outfit was permitted because he had survived a suicide bombing.

Still not a good idea really.

At the same party someone did come as a literal "Arabian Night", dressed and painted himself as the dark night sky, with bright shiny stars attached.   Probably OK? 

I once dressed as a Brazilian in an am-dram musical comedy.  This involved me wearing a sombrero (sic) and painting a big black c0ck-tickler on my upper lip.  

Anyone remember the 2004 film 'White Chicks' where 2 black actors 'whited up' as, er, 2 white girls - not an eyelid was batted.

There is some talk of a possible sequel, albeit I am not sure if this is socially acceptable what with all the race rows we now seem to have going on in 2019.  


There was also a Lenny Henry film where he "whited up" and pretended to be a gangster.  

Only a few years ago in Pret they made some of the staff wear pointy Elf ears at Xmas.  They only seemed to have white ones yet made black employees wear them. They looked fucking ridiculous.

I think we just have to accept that anything black is racist.  This text is probably racist as it is black.  Black font is racist.

If you follow David Lammy on Twitter you will quickly see that EVERYTHING is racist.

When the Govt showed a tea clipper from the 1700's his first reaction was "This is a slave ship" seemingly unaware that ships existed which did not carry slaves.  Images of ships pre 1800 are not racist.  But to Lammy they are.

In fact where is David's indignation of his cultural appropriation of the name David.   That is a jewish name. King David.   Is he a jew?  NO.  Fucking racist. 

I have a 1920s photof or my granny wearing an Indian sari with it. She took herself off to India by boat in 1921 to work as a servant/child's nanny and probably had it left when she returned the next year. Two of her sisters are in different fancy dress. I cannot image it was nastily meant in any way at all. In fact she used to complain about the fact if she took the white child to sit on a park bench the practical arpartheid in India meant anyone not white would then feel they had to move and she didn't like that division. 


People should be kind to others so always find out what is upsetting for other people and avoid it. My only instruction to the twins at university was and is - be kind. it tends to get you quite far in life.

I saw that Lammy tweet and it was extraordinary that he was suggesting that the only thing we ever shipped anywhere was slaves.

Lammy sees ships as racist, fried chicken boxes as racist and the methods of informing the waiting public as to whether or not a new pope has been elected as racist.

doing black face in the last 30 years is a deeeply weird thing to do. 


Never worn blackface and happy to say I don't know anyone who has. 

I may have gone to a Halloween party once as Myra Hindley (and my ex went as Ian Brady) both made up like their mugshots.  The party theme was killers and monsters.  That was an interesting early evening trip on the Central Line... .

that is really weird MJJ. Still, only four weeks alway til the next one. I hope you won’t be entertaining another similar high profile recent release. That’s what these folk love and why you shouldn’t give them any attention... still if it makes for a good social media post then snap away! 

At the Royal Television Society awards, Sir Lenny Henry gave a speech about diversity. He started ‘Good evening. I’m Justin Trudeau’.