How many Northerners are on the board and which part of the North are we from?

Judo - North West

Pretty well everyone ,judging from the chippyness

Other than Dux and the Irish obv

“From” by birth, by living in the north now, growing up in the north but being born somewhere else?

however you self-identify.

I was born and raised in the North West but moved to London circa 1995

Mr Sugden I imagined that you were from Yorkshire. I think it's because of the Sugden family in Emmerdale.

I realise that you might find this deeply insulting if you are a proud Lancashire person in which case I apologise.

I think that I am one of the few actually living in the North of England  (most of the time at least)

there used to be a whole bunch of Manc Roffers (I had to return home briefly circa 2005), including Bobby Digital, Menef, Paraweasel etc.

I'm from Newcastle. I don't see myself as Northern, just that everyone else is Southern.

except the Scots but those horse bothering cunts don't matter

Gwen - Mr Sugden is the bullying PE teacher in Kes, played by Brian Glover, I loved the football match & his "Bobby Charlton" logic.

(Kid) "Who are you today, sir? Liverpool? 
(Sugden) Don't you know your club colours? - Manchester United, this.
(K) Are you playing Denis Law, striker?
(S) No. Charlton today, lad. All over the field. Too cold for striker.
(K) Charlton's not as quick ont' turn as Law, is he?
(S) You tryin' to tell me about football?
(K) No. l...
(S) You trying to tell me? Anyway, Denis Law's in the wash this week.

Buzz - I saw it more as acknowledgement that they are basically Scotch and therefore, in his words, don't matter.

Buzz has panic attacks and nose bleeds if he gets more than 30 miles north of the M4, ffs.

More like panic attacks and nose bleeds if I go west of Reading.

You have cause to worry there, Buzz.


After all, yew got a REAL purty mouth, boi!

Born Berlin, lived there until 3.  Middlesbrough from 3-18.  Manchester to 35, a stretch of London and now Cheshire.  Would call myself from the North.

Family home was Shropshire which is North of the Watford Gap but I went to school in London.

Not sure Shropshire counts as North per se but...

I personally believe that The North is above Shropshire, Stafford, Derby, Nottinghamshire and Lincoln.

i.e. the counties of Cheshire, Lancs, Yorks, Westmorland, Durham, Northumberland and Cumberland.

I'm from the North originally...

The North of Hampshire

oh Dux!

By the way, what do the North Westerners think about the Virgin West Coast being handed over to Trentalia or whatever they are called?

NW. Joined the site many moons ago but not posted for a number of years and had to re-register with new login.

Newcastle. Parents from Ryhope and Bishop Auckland.

Some ancestors from South Shields eg 1700s - a Pitman, Glassblower 1800s - again South Shields,  Cabinet Maker Tynemouth 1820s, lots of Tynemouth master mariners,  Orkney 1700s, then Peterhead and then Tynemouth - mariners, shoe maker Sunderland 1820s, mariner 1790s Whitby then Sunderland, 1840s Edinburgh - agricultural labourer then Sunderland,

So to be...

...close enough to pillage a famous monastery or chase a puffin on Farne islands.

Is this cos you're casting for a ROF production of I, Daniel Blake?

Co-incidentally I am watching “Safe” on Netflix. Filmed in Alti, Hale and a bit in Manchester. 

The lead character is played by the actor who played Dexter. I am not entirely convinced by his accent. 

I was born in Yorkshire, which is God's own county. Still go back sometimes.

Lived in Surrey for years now, there is not much difference.

Its all England.

Judo has an amazing accent... ...she sounds like a large cat purring interjected with the most serene lilting highlights and cascades. The ebb and flow of her speech entrances me, or perhaps snares me would be a better description because my imagination becomes coiled around her tongue in a gordian knot of pleasure.

You might also note Fluffster that I played the flute in my formative years, so I have a certain strength and suppleness in my lips. 


...and mental scenario enhanced accordingly.


From North West originally. Left at 18 and go back occasionally to see family n stuff.

From north west, tried to escape to London and landed in Yorkshire