How many fashion brands do you take seriously?
  • That is, would you not simply ignore (Abercrombie & Fitch for instance) but actually buy from?

Do u actually think about this stuff?  Srsly?


  • Bull Boy shoes are what you need.
  • Get the power on your feet.

if they sell it in bentalls or timberland I may buy it. plus mns obvs

Imagine for most on here it will be:

  • Gant
  • Superdry (for weekends)
  • Oakley

Edinburgh Woollens for underwear 

Pringle for sports casual

@ Marshall. 

Edinburgh Wollens for underwear? That sounds itchy.


As for Dave, it was said once,  many years ago (perhaps on this board), that the great thing about Superdry is that one can identify the wearer as a khunt from a distance. I have found this to be invariably true in real life. Which is a pity, as the founder of the brand seems to be a pretty decent bloke.


Me? Campers? Is that too camp for the only gay in the village? I don't know.

None. I'm not a teenager.

Apart from Barbour obviously. But only the pre-worn multi patched classics that you inherit from your grandfa. None of that padded chav Mao suit nonsense.

& M&S pants.

For similar reasons.

I don’t go by brand per se but rather the item of clothing I am buying as I feel brands only do certain clothing well. Generally:

Tops: Gant, Polo RL, CT Shirts

Jeans - depends on fit

Chinos - M&S Italian range

Shirts - RL, CT

Socks - Happy Socks

Trainers - the comfiest fitting

Polo Ts - M&S prima cotton range

Gillets - Hacket, Gant

Shoes - Barker

Ties - Hermes

Watches - Breitling (fave design); Rolex (holding value) 



  • M&S Gandy t-shirts are superb.
  • My go-to tees actually. 

Who buys a watch because it "holds value" FFS?

Stone island - no prouder moment in young man’s life than buying their first stone island jacket

heh at leftwellout


I remember that old-skool rof lore and apply it regularly.  It's useful.  I've also impressed it upon my nephew and one of my good mates when they were talking about getting some - lucky they listened to me as it would be a shame to have to de-friend my m9 or disown my nephew.  

Fashion brands?

Just imagine the pitying looks poor little hyoobert gets being a man in his mid 50s hanging around the local shopping mall wearing his branded clothes with the labels still attached in the hope that someone will notice them and  think he is cool.

  • Went into an M&S store. Saw a huge picture of Gandy on the wall wearing a jacket I'd been looking for for ages
  • Where do I find the jacket Mr Gandy is wearing on your wall ?
  • Sorry, the buyer hasn't sent any
  • Tell your managers to fire your buyers and employ your advertisers instead.
  • They at least know what your customers want to buy  

I actually rate Abercrombie and Fitch. If you get past their wall of hoodies they have some lovely normal clothes and the quality and fabric is great.

Gandy t-shirts are sh1te, its because they are traditionally home spun cotton

@ Meh

Yeah, A&F in Mayfair. My wife has bought me a couple of their "eau de cologne"* (or whatever its called)

Did we not bomb the bejesus out of Cologne 75 years ago? How are they now producing poncey scents? I thought it had long been a wasteland.

Anyway, whenever I spray it on myself, the birds are all over me.