How on earth is Weworks worth $40billion

Its basically an instagramish version of Regus

It's the psuedo hippie west coast bollocks that's most offensive about it


probably got some real estate or favourable lease agreements

it has one image but the reality is its massively corporate focused.


Its not little start ups living in there, or when it is they are corporate backed subsids



I just had a deal where a corporate backed subsidiary had its desks in a weworks - quite spenny if u arks me but you can get out in no time

I was talking to someone the other day who had just moved his start up out of We Works as it was more expensive than the alternatives and his staff couldn't physically drink all the free beer he was paying for as part of the deal.











American investors will pump money into anything so long as it might be the next big thing, regardless. E.g. Theranos.

Worth even more tonight as they've bought another site today.

On the subject of pseudo west coast start up bollox May strongly recommend the Dropout podcast from ABC news. It’s fantastic 

It’s a fascinating company making gargantuan losses, paying huge rents and giving occupiers big discounts. Will be interesting to see where it ends.