How do you like your tea / coffee

Tea: English breakfast, lots of milk, no sugar

Coffee: large latte with a single shot espresso. No sugar.

tea? assam, milk no sugar, unless feeling seriously unwell in which case with one sugar

coffee: extra dry (or dry depending on the barista) skinny cappuccino.  no sugar unless feeling very tired in which case one sugar.


tea - anything except black tea or liquorice.

coffee - double espresso

Tea: strong with just a drop of milk and one sugar 

Covfefe: made in a mokka pot. One sugar and 1 part milk to 2 parts covfefe 

tea: Assam or Earl Grey, dash of milk and 1 sugar

coffee: is wrong

Tea - English breakfast, spot of milk, two sugars

Coffee - Black, one sugar

Tea: With milk no sugar. Or lots and lots of green tea (no milk or sugar).

Coffee: Decaff double espresso one sugar.

Rich and Italian.  Like my men.

Hold on a minute...

If you mean tea tea, then Yorkshire, strong, white no sugar (like my men heh heh heh)

Tea: Strong, milk no sugar.


Coffee:  Rich, strong and just a dash of milk.  Italian blends tend to be good.  The Dept for Coffee and Social Affairs' East End Blend is good, as is Nude's East Blend.

Frothy and chocolate covered.

Like my men.

Tall, skinny and in a re-usable cup.

Like my men.

Tea: Twinings everyday decaf, brewed strong but with so much milk people think it looks wrong.

Coffee: Don't really do this but probably a decaf latte or something

Tea: Tetley or PG Tips - with milk - not palid but no orange - just right.

Coffee: espresso with cold water

Tea: Builder’s, one sugar

Coffee: Vanilla latte, don’t @ me

Tea - Whitby black with sugar

Coffee - espresso sans cow boobjuice

Oh, and in both cases, served by an oiled houri in harem pants but naked from the waist up, chzthxbi.

i am surprised by the number of coffee drinkers. 

But would that be the preferred choice?

Tea - Earl Grey no milk, but with sugar or honey

Coffee - expresso with sugar (and a ciggie) or if out Latte with Vanilla 

Tea: Julie Andrews (aka white nun)

Coffee: Black no sugar.

I only have one coffee first thing with my porridge.  Sometimes might have a tea in the afternoon with a slice of cake or biscuit but generally don’t drink hot drinks.

Black coffee (filter machine at home) black and strong first thing in the morning 

Tea: either herbal or darjeeling with lemon (no sugar, if I am under the weather perhaps a teaspoon of honey with the darjeeling and lemon).

Coffee: black, weak no sugar.

I rarely drink coffee. We have a Nespresso machine but I only bother after a proper sit down three course meal if people are over. Mr D uses a cafetiere pretty regularly though. But I am a vague tea obsessive.

Tea: PG Tips (usually decaf), dash of milk, no sugar. Teabag must be removed before milk goes in otherwise it gets fed to the nearest houseplant.

Coffee: Nespresso from the machine at home (black) or a flat white from Pret/fancy hipster coffee shop when I'm in the UK.


Coffee: Kenco Colombian instant, very strong, 3 sweeteners and 1/2 teaspoon of sugar with a teeny spot of milk.

Gwen, you know tea isn’t actually from England, don’t you?

Stix I don't care where it's from. It is disgusting in all its forms.

Gwen- That's precisely my view in relation to Coffee

Tea: Either strongly steeped Yorkshire tea with a dash of milk or Hong Kong style milk tea.

Coffee:  Either a latte or double espresso (in the case of the latter, with one sugar). 

But your taste in music is so similar to mine ML ...

Just goes to show that nobody is perfect, Gwen. You're still ace though

Judo I have a thought that your dereliction for hospital corridor Darjeeling may explain the scarcity of billionaires fawning at you.  It smells well rank.

I typed predeliction there but it still works