how bad can it be...

if one were to consider a shift up from England to Scotland for abode purposes

heh!...mind you I have also seen essex, kent, 3 counties, parts of surrey and a few other spot further up (not least lancashire)

Where ru thinking?

I think it's a good time to set up shop tbh.

Depends on your reason why. I sort of live there on the occasions I am actually able to be home.

What are your work plans? Do you have any friends or family there (and I don't mean Clergs)?

Generally I love the place and wish I could be home more, but then again I grew up not far from Edinburgh and have friends and family there.

ta clergs. Doubt I would want to be in employment in Scotland but I wouldn't completely dismiss it. In any case it won't be as bad as what I am paying now


tom - more friends and a network than in the south plus (as you already know) better quality of life. No firm moves yet but contemplated. It will happen but more a question of when

You would pay income tax on your employment whether or not it was here.

Unless you're saying you're indwownindely wealthy.

Also on rental income unless you're a remittance basis non dom


Give us your cash


Also I am never sure what people mean by a better quality of life

No fucking way I'd live here if I weren't born here. It takes a lifetime to love gray like this 

In my opinion, obviously there are SOME immigrants

I like Edinburgh and Glasgow to visit.  I like that you can see something other than city streets from the middle of Edinburgh.  However, the weather.  It's dire.  I couldn't live there.  I get SAD enough in London.  I really need to move to Cannes or something.

I far prefer Glasgow.  One of my siblings was a nurse thereand met her future husband in Glasgow.  Better pubs, lots of women and generally a bigger laugh.  I always find Edinburgh to be a bit more serious.

Also I believe that all women in Edinburgh are fucking batshit mental.

"No fucking way I'd live here"


thought you had left?


I'm having a miniature midlife crisis tho so maybe should move 

To somewhere exotic if they'd have me

Where I could stop worrying about idiot men and just live in a state of tax zen

why not try singapore? or Dubai?


You will actually like those places. 

Don't go to Dubai.  I met a past wife there, trust me, everything in Dubai is horribly face value only.

are madders and scy still posting here? or did they ever?