How are you lowering your carbon footprint?

Assuming you're remotely bothered by climate change.

I'm eating less meat and cut down on flying. Also buying second hand goods rather than new stuff. There's a lot more I could probably do without impacting my lifestyle.

I don’t think I have a very large carbon footprint, I haven’t flown anywhere for over 3 years, I haven’t driven for 10 years and I rarely get taxis. I recycle as much as I can and I’m trying to reduce waste. But I am not giving up meat, you can get stuffed on that one!!

Using a stack of concrete and stuff to build a house that should be reasonably energy efficient given the amount of insulation involved and having only LED lights.

Ahhh concrete, that famously eco friendly material...

I have a low emission diesel car and get away with £20 tax, but because diesel kills children can't go into the ULEZ.

I looked at the Leaf but it's no cheaper to run :(

I am very carbon lite as it is, methane on the other hand,  well, I have alswats been windy

Wang I acknowledge that enormous contradiction.  Has anyone come up with an eco friendly foundation alternative?

I catch my dinner pretty often rather than buy it.  Don’t really fly anymore,  I get public transport a lot because i have a free bus pass. Not sure what else I could do tbh.

I've become a cannibal and have eaten 2 pilots and a food air mile offending hipster

so my emissions are something like negative 400%

We also have a weird machine that you tip all food waste into and it does some magic shyt to it and turns it into insto  compost

I've cut down a lot on meat consumption, I pretty much don't eat meat at home anymore. 

The huge quantity of plastic I put in the bin every week is depressing to me. So much of it is entirely unnecessary. 

I only eat red meat a couple of times a week. I buy a lot of second hand stuff.  I don't fly much. I recycle everything that can be. 

I eat as much meat as possible to minimise the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by farm animals.

I bike a lot and don't drive that often so that helps.

I ski as much as possible and try to minimise ski-doo use.

I love this stuff.

So you've accepted the world is approaching a massive catastrophe and flying and meat eating are a major factor, but you're eating less meat and flying less.  And you could do more without it affecting your lifestyle.  How about maybe affecting your lifestyle to be the change that is needed?

On the basis you give a fuck obvs (which you clearly do).

FAOD I don't, as I'll be dead. 

oh and my wardrobe is super small. I have like 5 jumpers, 30 t shirts, two jeans, two denim trousers, that sort of thing. I've been wearing the same jacket in winter since 2015.

What is the difference between jeans and denim trousers? I’m confused.

Red meat is good for me. I'm not giving it up completely 

me neither, my body wants it

generally, I do not consume much. what do I buy? not much, esp not clothing or electronic gadgets which I then throw out. I do not go on holibobs as often as others, but I do fly to see my mother frequently. sorry but I cannot stop with that

I'm eating more insects now as a sustainable protein alternative to meat. Have a regular order of locusts flown in from Asia every month - they do the best ones. Epic in a stir fry.

A denim suit conjures an image of billy ray cyrus

I also had insects i Thailand, cricket - very good. would eat it over here too, why not? if you eat shrimps, you may as well eat cricket

30 t shirts?  I've got about 6 that I wear regularly and then a selection of others that I should really bin as lots of them were freebies.

Leccy car

LED lightbulbs

Not much flying

Xtra home insulation

heating turned down in winter / only 1 room heated / use electric radiators a bit

plastic minimised



So you've accepted the world is approaching a massive catastrophe and flying and meat eating are a major factor, but you're eating less meat and flying less.  And you could do more without it affecting your lifestyle.  How about maybe affecting your lifestyle to be the change that is needed?

Not disagreeing with you, but until that Swedish girl started protesting I didn't give a fvck. It's still early days.

I chose not to procreate.

Trying to make good choices about diet, but there isn't really enough data/disclosure on agricultural sustainability to make really good choices yet.  Sticking with choices that support biodiversity, local producers and limited quantities of meat.

I recycle and purchase far far less stuff than I used to.

I don't drive.

I don't put the heating on in winter unless Reg really really complains. Switch lights off and hot water service when not needed.

Considering giving up my streaming subscriptions given the energy use that goes into those services.

I keep speaking to policymakers about concerns, keep trying to educate myself on sensible choices and keep trying to raise awareness.  I wasn't a natural tree-hugger originally, but the stuff that I've learned in the past few years has scared the crap out of me.

Interesting, Fred. What was it about Greta that suddenly made you give a shit? We've known about the seriousness of this stuff for quite a while now. I am sceptical about having kids as political spokespeople but clearly whatever she is doing is good if it is getting people to suddenly take notice of something that they have been choosing to ignore for so long.

I suppose being a dad myself I started to think about the world my kid and his kids will have to live in. TV is full of old blokes telling us about polar bears, to the point I think we've become desensitised.

I am now a green party member and I never saw/heard Greta speaking on telly. I don't give a fvck about her, but if she gets people's attention, ok, good

I do what I can, but it wont be enough, we are all doomed and I will be long dead when it all goes tits up

As a single person I am probably not the best at this. However, I recycle most of the time, I don't have a car, I am not procreating.

On the other hand, I take about 10 international flights a year, often seem to throw away food, eat plenty of red meat, I bought an air conditioning unit for my flat last summer.

Meh, I don't care that much. Not going to pretend I don't enjoy Britain's warmer climate these days.

"I chose not to procreate"

Which is a shame Ozza because the race of foresiensians will die with your other half...

LA have you ever been told that you are a wanker? Or have you so far rather been derided as a retard. Cos you are both and I think it is important to also stress the wanker element of your personality.

see if netflix gets a carbon tax? I am going to learn how to do bioterrorism that kills everyone smug and under 25

I work from home... but when I work travel it's likely to be a long car trip.  I also drive a diesel car, which is bad

I grow most of my own food.  *this costs a lot more than buying it by the way

I don't really engage in fashion consumption, my choice is usually secondhand stuff because that was how I grew up.

That said, I am sure I am still consuming more than my share of the earths resources...


Has anyone switched from laundry detergent to ecoballs? I'm minded but my kids clothes get absolutely filthy.

Not considered it... but I'm outside when I'm not working and digging, gardening and handling animals... would an ecoball cope?

I've just looked though and have ordered this

At £15 it's worth a punt!


I'm considering a few solar panels if the planners and conservation people will agree to them.

Doggers if that works it's definitely worth £15. Not sure about the quote from "Oriana Polito" the housewife though. Sounds like those emails I see in my junk folder.

Am genuinely puzzld by some of the posts--Is streaming environmentally unfriendly, compared to the purchase (and manufacture and transport) of CDs and DVDs?

solar panels amortise themselves within 10-15 years and from then onwards it's net gain

PP I know that data centres burn huge amounts of power cooling all of the equipment and guess Netflix must have some big data farms.  I think Google is looking at under sea data centres that would simply be cooled by sea water rather than air con.

Also, unlike some people (mentioning no names but you know who you are, Emma Thompson), I am now only flying across the world for film premieres, major holidays, late-night burger requirements and romantic trysts.

sails you should also be looking into new solar products such as completely white panels that can be installed on the walls of a house, looking like a white wall


DD that would be fine if I wasn't subject to conservation people who mandate I can only have oak feathered edged boarding walls with some reclaimed brick.

Ditto Summersails!  Solar doesn't work on a thatched room... but I have a ground source heat pump so am electricity negative (I export to the grid) and I have a wind turbine coming from india to provide heating to the greenhouse.  I bought it from there because they make things that are more maintainable by me, it's a very simple design.

I also have 6 separate layers of insulation in my wattle and daub walls, and I would recommend that, my house is downright toasty in winter and cool in summer.

Wang's Upon a Time24 Apr 19 09:42

Which is a shame Ozza because the race of foresiensians will die with your other half...

Rude.  I hear you're no Jeff Goldblum.

I do not look like goldblum that is fair.


retro insulated house with solar thermal and pv panels

led lights of course

hardly ever drive

my major failing is I fly quite a lot