Household meeting rules

Apropos a recent thread I looked up the current rules and was amazed to see still that only 2 households could gather indoors in private homes at the same time.   Given that cinemas pubs and restaurants are open this seems absolutely mental.  Who knew?   Would anyone dream of following this now utterly bizarre rule?

When two or more are gathered together they shall perform the parrot sketch

are the words I believe you were looking for 

it's mad

in Scotland I believe it is 4 households 


Isn't it all "guidance" rather than laws or even rules persay now anyway? Beyond as someone pointed out large gatherings of 30+ which is actually illegal to stop big parties?

Have your dinner party.

I don't know Canadian what is law and what isn't.  But don't worry I am having a cooking dinner for *Shock horror* 4, count 'em FOUR households and TWO households are staying overnight.

I have no idea what we can and can’t do anymore. But this seems very strange. 

are we still meant to be in bubbles? Someone spoke about her mum joining her bubble the other day. 

Because chance of transmission in your grubby hole > that in a regularly inspected establishment subject to further ludicrous impositions to ensure they can barely break even? 

I get the impression that a lot of people are very anxiously following the rules and getting very upset when others don't.


Don't think I know anyone following this rule beyond trying to have lunch parties, etc. outside but having them inside with the windows open if the weather is bad.

I think the bubble thing is when you don't have to socially distance with the person

is anyone meeting their friends but shouting TWO METRES! at them 

Also how is this consistent with us being told to go back to the office if we can which will involve the mingling of dozens possibly even hundreds of "households"?  Lunatic

Bubble also means two households count as one for purpose of mingling...possibly...

Its not just that bananaman.  When you go to the cinema how many other households do you turn to face and chat / interact with for an extended period of time?

All of the masks stuff, the queueing outside Waitrose etc. is largely pointless window dressing.

A virus like this is going to spread most around work and social gatherings where you're actually spending extended periods in close proximity with the same people.  Continuing to limit that is arguably the only sensible thing we are doing.

If everybody is only meeting up (and therefore spreading to, if they have the virus) one household at a time that will have a massive impact on transmission.  Guy's extra two households who may each be meeting with a further three households rather than one at a time etc. is properly the best way to have the spread go exponential.  It seems reasonable to assume its the whole chalet and apre ski bit that made the Italian resorts such a massive vector.

I just checked my mail and somehow my invite got lost to your fab dinner party, Guy. I'm off to sack the postman.

We aren't limiting work arbiter, we are now being encouraged to go back to office even where working from home is possible.  Also the idea that the virus is more likely to spread at my modest dinner than in a pub is utterly ludicrous.

Before I decide whether to attend Guy, can you give me an idea of who else is coming, and what nose-bag you're serving?

menu is lobster with thermador butter to start (tested this last week) followed by a sirloin of beef no pudding as such as I don't do pudding - but plenty of cheeses  - may change plan from sirloin to chicken and salads if it is going to stay really hot.

We aren't limiting work arbiter, we are now being encouraged to go back to office even where working from home is possible. 

But unless your employer is a proper khunt I'd expect you're a lot less likely to catch it from someone there than when you're sat round having a few drinks round a table with friends.  Lower chance that one of your friends has it but if they do I'd expect everyone to leave the party with it.

Also the idea that the virus is more likely to spread at my modest dinner than in a pub is utterly ludicrous.

Depends on whether the pub is doing table service etc.  Looked at on a closer comparator - I reckon the chances of catching it from one of the people at your dinner party are exponentially higher than catching it from the (these days fairly distant) table next door in a restaurant.

I do think the reaction by the government has really fucked things up here.  Outside some specific environments (hospitals, care homes, public transport) most people are going to have caught this from people they knew.

I'm gonna breach the shit out of those bastards this weekend

Think I'll do my exotic dance routine, which involves one mask up top, one below and some rubber gloves.  Then they can't get me, can they?  The police I mean.

arbiter, I don't agree, have you been in pubs at the end of evening recently?  Also offices?  People will chat drink tea together etc etc, transmission is just as likely.

Pubs, no, but offices, yes.  Maybe we're just one of the better ones but I reckon I'm way less likely to catch it from my colleagues than people I'm socialising with.

There was an article in today’s Times2 which involved 3 fairly senior medical (in the widest sense) academics being asked about their behaviours and risk assessments.  Their answers show clearly why advice is as it is and without is presented without any real thought for wider social-economic consequences.  Genuinely no perspective whatsoever.  

Their employment will be fine of course.


to be fair pig isn't it the medical peeps jobs to assess risk purely from a medical perspective and it is for other to put that in wider context including other risks/costs?

Correct, but it was their personal behaviours and that will undoubtedly inform their advice and approach.  

wow to the menu, hope they are all hungry!

i went to a funeral indoor wake last friday, thirty people, on small tables, bit of hugging.

i should add that I am currently in bed unwell and have just ordered a test.

sorry to hear that Minkie, hope you recover quickly.

Just a subtle point.  The "rules" (eg the Regs on gatherings, etc) are revoked.  What's in force is government guidance on how to reduce risk.  Those 2 things are a bit different.  It is confusing tho

For normal people there is still one rule on gatherings - no gatherings of more than 30 on private premises unless it is two households or less.

From the thread title I really rather hoped for

I am Mr cback and I will chair this meeting

present are mother cback and c's 1-3.  Observing is c2's m7 George who came over for Nintendo switch and hotdogs.  Note for the record that he looks bored and scared in equal measure.

mother cback will act as secretary and take minutes because DESPITE being nearly 7, c3 is yet to have a competent grasp of secretarial shorthand.

item 1 - who left the Lego on the stairs to the east wing

item 2 - if your bottom is insufficiently large to avoid frontwalling, you need to use a booster seat

item 3 - why you should eat your broccoli

The only people I know who've had it are all from work and generally caught it through work related events.  I think I'm far more likely to catch it in my office from someone else who's been on the Tube than from a few friends who I know have been working from home and not using public transport.  Hence in our work survey this week I opted for a mix of working from home and being in the office because of my concerns around public transport.