House of cards season 6 - wot rubbish

in season 5 it went downhill but without spacey and with this bullshit plot, what cackshyte. Why am I watching it

INMHO, there is only one House of Cards, the classic BBC series with Ian Richardson as Francis Urquhart.

I actually thought the earlier bits of US series was better than the UK one, when he was Speaker and VP. The US one did go downhill even with Spacey in it.

It went on for too long , should have ended like the BBC ones ended after he was killed

But they like to milk things to death in the US and the money must have been good to carry on dragging it out

Yeah and this robin wright woman probably wanted to play the president at all costs 

Because that’s how it looks, she’s the producer of season 5 

So she paid her way into the starring role, got it,  nothing to do with Spacey being fired

I couldn't even get past the first episode of this season. Worra loada shite. 

I also abandoned this series.

I made it into the 2nd or 3rd episode and then couldn’t be bothered to return.