Hotels - do you go all inclusive?

I incline to the view that this is a better source of value. 

yes but only if (i) no awful wrist bands are required and (ii) dinner is table service rather than buffet. 

Depends on where it is etc / what the alternatives for eating are

No, it's generally rubbish (even the Club Med type places aren't as good as just eating locally) and I like the choice of exploring new places etc.

Always get breakfast included. CBA with travelling around for breakfast, especially with kids.


Had an insane buffet in the Maldives back in the day. I think it's pot luck. 

I should have added: for beach holidays not city breaks. For the latter I concur unhesitatingly that you want to be out and about drinking in the talent. 

Yeah depends on location if totally isolated what else do you do. Even at luxury hotels with good food it can get a bit samey though. Only done it a couple of times. 

Much nicer to be somewhere where you can explore local restaurants and bars that's one of my favourite parts of the holiday.

Value wise though it could be worth it. Depends what's included. At one very nice hotel I paid for us to go all inclusive only to find out there were two tiers to that and it didn't include booze and only one of the hotel restaurants. 400 and something euros extra PER DAY for the actual all inclusive which seemed excessive. 

No, done it once or twice but quickly get bored and end up eating out anyway so waste of money.

A good buffet is worth it. No wandering around. No waiting. Linger as long as you like. 

The one exception I think is Italy. There you absolutely have to find the mankiest back street for pasta and pizza. Um, and Asia for what they offer. But again - city breaks. 

no - impossibly vulgar. 
and, peasant that I am, I’d feel obliged to drink and eat too much to make sure I was getting my money’s worth. nightmarishly this puts me in the same ball park as my father in law. 

A bit of a tangent but I was looking at booking a hotel today and it listed:

Toilet roll ✅

As one of the amenities.

I’m in!

The thing that puts me off all inclusive is the other people. Which ones are decent?

I generally don't even bother with hotel breakfasts as they are usually pretty generic and not that great. Go out somewhere local and interesting instead. 

Breakfast or half board can be good.

Dinner as well is all a bit…y’know.

It can be ok with small kids.  Provided they don’t like “nothing” and spend the whole time running round the restaurant like spoilt little twats

If it's a quality beach resort and the AI includes the mini-bar, then yes.

For “resort” type hotels yes definitely, and tbh, in Asia anyway, I try while there to leave the hotel as little as possible.

Kids to kids club

wife to spa

Me to poolside lounger - football manager on laptop - three fully charged battery packs 

In town, no way never you daft little sh1t, breakfast only, and then only if I *know* breakfast is good.

Going for a fry up tomorrow and still gon be in work by 10am

I dont think I have ever come across a city hotel which did and AI meal plan. Not even half board tbh.

Never - always book Villas (abroad)  and Rural Retreats/Airbnb  (UK)

We did it with the children until they were about 12 in decent resort hotels, works out better value they get all the ice cream, drinks and snacks they want and I can chill on the beach with a gin and tonic, food was fine as most places have 3-4 restaurants so you can mix it up, when they were old enough we went self catering and did loads of activities instead

Once. The Body Holiday in St Lucia; it was really good - would go there again - but that doesn't necessarily mean I would try it somewhere else.

We did it once, as mentioned supra. There were a lot of tattoos, replica football shirts and regional accents in evidence.  

We did it at a boutique hotel in Bequia and Mustique. The prices for walk ins were so insane we probably got back the cost of the hotel stay in food IYSWIM.

I’ve done it once. It’s fine if all you want to do is pig out but generally I like to see the place I’ve traveled too which means it doesn’t work. I generally go bed and breakfast so I can try local restaurants. 

Never.  Part of the joy of travelling is street food.  For me hotel time is wasted time.  Sleep, shower, and out.

The one exception is the unavoidable one of being on a cruise.  When you're halfway between Ushuaia and the Falklands you can't really dangle a fishing rod hoping for a stray penguin.

Tui Sensatori 5* only - and that gets you to 'tolerable food' levels and out of the 'local booze' category. Strictly for beach holidays though. 

Yes. It was great, but chosen to be as relaxing as possible. The snobbery on this thread is immense but reassuringly from the usual suspects.

All inclusive sounds pretty awful to me, but I am not a fan of resort holidays in general, no matter how nice the resort.

"part of the joy of travelling is street food'

did u actually type that

Full Board is a good option if the hotel is 5*. Decent food and don't need to gulp lots of cheap booze to justify the price paid.