Hitlers Children BBC4

I don't know it there is supposed to be an ' as they are not the off sprong if Hitler but the children of his henchmen


Anyway, did anyone catch this? was very moving

That the term "children" is being used metaphorically rather than in the literal sense is entirely irrelevant as to whether there should be a possessive apostrophe.

I watched it, though I am sure I had seen interviews with most of them before.

Actually, just went and looked it up, I have seen that entire programe before. Probably when it first came out in 2012

Didn't Hitler's relatives (nephews?) all agree not to breed and they've all hidden from the limelight.

Their lives were blighted by association.

I'll watch that later Abbs!



That is another thing all together,  it is a French documentary, that's on Netflix at the moment

There was a documentary about Amon Goeth's daughter. She was proper messed up.

There is a good docu of the sons of Hans Frank and Otto Wächte, the interesting bit was they have two quite different attitudes. Hans Frank son seems to detest his father (although I am still of the view you can love your father even though beyond the family he was a mass murderer.) and Otto Wächte's son still seems in denial and hero worships his father, which again seems an odd attitude.  The interaction between the two sons very interesting