High Wycombe

We are considering a move here to be closer to family, any roffers with (informed) views on the area? Housing and schooling? Thanks

Wycombe Abbey school is pretty decent if you have the girl type of child.

wycombe also has a needlessly complicated double roundabout in the middle of the town as you approach the station.

that is the limit of my knowledge.

Up there with Reading, Aldershot, Bracknell, Didcot, Yateley, Winnersh and Burfield

Typical Home Counties commuter shithole. Looks like an English town but in fact is a shithole full of shit.  

High Wycombe itself wouldn’t be my first choice of where to live but masses and masses of gorgeous options in the area to live.

rural - lots of lovely villages around high wycombe, maidenhead etc

urban - some outskirts of Maidenhead are quite nice, or if your budget can run to eg Marlow then you’re good to go

Yeah what minkie said about living in high Wycombe itself.

Schooling - take your pick really.

Thanks, all. In terms of state schools as well? What villages and smaller towns would you recommend around there?

There are grammar schools there non?

RGS High Wycombe is a proper grammar iirc

What welly said.  my opinion on the evils of grammarage are trite rof.

It is a shythole of a town in a county that could not be more overpriced.  Good for red kite spotting tho.

Because it's a full grammar system, if your offspring don't get in to RGS, you're absolutely pfuqued because the community colleges are substantially worse than your average comp on the basis that the top 30% have been creamed off the top. There are v few good boys' private schools in the area. For girls, there is WA but you need to be seriously wealthy for the fees and it's a boarding school anyway (like 3 day girls / year who end up boarding anyway as 6 days / week school that finishes at 9pm) and otherwise some really poor local day schools.

High Wyc town itself is a hole. There are v lovely villages etc nearby. Amersham is a better bet all round.

It’s full of hills. Everywhere you will want to go to in High Wycombe is up a massive hill.

Too far out to be a commuter town too. 

It's basically posh Luton, isn't it? 

If you like being woken by the call to prayer (and let's be honest, who doesn't?), then you should be fine.

Shooty do you ever wake up a little bit too early and fool all of the locals by doing a tarzan noise thru a loudhailer?


no me neither

Not before today, nope.

I now have a new mission in life though. Cheers.