Hermes and Sports Direct

Bloody Hermes and Sports Direct.

I waited in all day Saturday and nothing. I've sent an email to SD to find out what's going on. I paid for next day delivery.

I am now emailing SD on the hour till I get a response

I am disappointed by this thread. 

From the title I was expecting a crossover line of NUFC ties or swirly pastel football shirts. 

I want to know what Abbs ordered from Sports Direct?  He's obviously their target demographic so I am thinking a tube of tennis balls, a pair of goggles and a tracksuit made from 100% flammable materials...

Anyone else got the mental image of Abbs doing the steps scene in Rocky?  PLEASE tell me you have a sweatband...

Thought this was Mike Ashley’s next investment 

Having worked in retail a long time ago I generally have a lot of patience for these sorts of places. But not Sports Direct. I've never come across anything like them. Absolutely hateful company from top to bottom.

I find if you change the text colour on your emails to green, that normally gets them going.

A very loooooong time ago, before online shopping, I used to order only from companies like John Lewis, who charged for delivery, on the grounds that if it was screwed up you could go ballistic. Free delivery was always a mess.

so disappointing now that there is no mechanism to ensure you dont have a day wasted waiting in.

Just got off the phone with SD, spoke to a very nice lady , apparently Hermes have the package but thier systems are down, so can't scan, it is with them but they have no idea when I will get it, but when I do, to call them and they will refund my delivery charge 

Better than nothing I suppose , just as long as I get it

'It is understood the prospective Prime Minister has told civil servants he needs money for furniture at No10 because his ex-wife has kept all his belongings'


What a fvcking cheek, he has plenty of money, but  his own furniture.  

The fvcking audacity of the twat

opps wrong thread, this is what I do when on Whatsapp web send messages to the wrong pewrson

Homebrewharry is the only one giving the right advice here. Tradition requires that you write it to Mike Ashley and copy it to all the Board members, the Information Commissioner,  the Archbishop of Canterbury,  Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Prime Minister and the Royal Household. Copy in the Lord Chancellor.