help me find a product or equivalent

I have a 6ft fulgurite in my office... .  It's in a painted didgeridoo that's been cut in half longways so it sits inside.  The cat keeps jumping up on it and is causing damage.

So I need something that is clear, about the shape and size of clear guttering pipe to cover the top.

Can you think of what I can use?


If it didn't have to be clear, you could use a fishing rod case.  

Large ones are the right size, very robust and fully padded.  

Elfffi... that sounds like EXACTLY what I need but there doesn't seem a picture for it. 

I'd googled clear guttering and hadn't got anything...

I'll phone and if it's clear I'll order :)

In fact, any clear tube I can cut down so i'll look at fishing rod cases too.

Thank you smiley

Oh!  My browser shows a picture. 

Slightly blueish tint. It’s PVC you wouldnt expect the same clarity as glass