The heating...

...went on last night. 

Summer is over m7s. Christmas soon. 

Not until December.

Jumpers in the meantime.

You know the rules.

The junior strutter have fewer fingers and toes than Sir Ranulph 

Whaaaat? Do you have an ancient pile with no insulation? Do you not own a jumper?! (And I am the one who ups the thermostat in our house...!)

But the ones that remain are robust, honest, British fingers and toes

It was a shock coming back here from London yesterday

I have a scarf on now


I am in a region (in an insulated right up the wahooie new build as it happens) but it was effing freezing last night. 

As an aside I am now paying an eye watering £99 a month for my water due to not getting a broken toilet and dripping tap fixed for the first six months of the year. 

Water meters are a terrible idea.

See also smart meters.

That fact perhaps not unrelated to my admission in 9.10

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As an aside I am now paying an eye watering £99 a month for my water due to not getting a broken toilet and dripping tap fixed for the first six months of the year. 



I share your pain 

do all newbuilds come with water meters then?

not that we really meter water up here

They must do. Bloody nonsense 

I expect to be subsidised dammit 

arrived last night to discover the heating on. obviously turned it off straight away.


regretted it a bit this morning


We had a gyppo round ours knocking on doors and offering to fix people's water meters so it only looks like you're using circa £30 a month

I momentarily considered putting on the heating last night. I didn't tho 

Heating goes on in mid Nov and lasts until 28 February (not 1 March, to avoid being stung on leap years, like next year).

Unless you've got a leak metered water supplies are so much cheaper.  I'm back on water rates and paying three times what I paid with a water meter as it's me living in a flat on my own and I'm regularly only there two thirds of the week.

As for heating my new build is sitting at 22C with just a couple of towel rails on when the hot water is on.

Water meters are cheaper if you live alone non-shocka

Considerably more expensive than the standing charge if you have even an average sized family

Hargreaves I could have a wife and one child and only then would I be spending as much with a meter as I spend on water rates for a one bed flat at the moment.

I like to water my lawn.  A meter would make me judiciously inspect how much water is wasted when tap turns, toilet flushed. I don't need the stress in my life, man.

Heating not on until December

Tights not on until October

It was a tad chilly this morning, I have moved into me Autumn dressing gown,  it will soon ne time to close up some windows, heating not going on yet , not till October, or only if the temp dips below 50F


I must get my spring flowering bulbs potted up in the next few weeks


Flashed the heating on for a quick 30 mins yesterday just to make sure it’s all ok. Nice and cosy and took the edge off for the rest of the evening. Mrs Blair went ape shit though  

Can’t wait to stop having to cut the bastarding grass. 

Reminds me I must actually set up my new heating system this weekend.

They keep trying to get me on a meter... Fortuitously everything about the services in this house is snide... and the previous owner just dug up the common land and connected to the mains there... which means the water company need a way leave from the council to dig... and we have rare grass on this bit of the common...

Managed to get some sunburn yesterday sitting outside a café so I don't think summer is entirely done yet.