Heating on?

Me - yes.

Fuck no. Aircon is blasting it out. Sweating like a Brexiter around a brown person. 

Nope but the fan is not on 

August is always shit tho 


...I wore the winter coat for the first time this summer. I can't believe the darkness is coming again so soon.

I agree. Really depressing nights drawing in

40° in Spain 

I prefer this 

Knock the nought off that figure and you've got the freshness of the Icelandic summer...

No, but I'm not cold. If I were cold, I would not keep the heating off just because it's August.

I never understand folks who refuse to turn the heating on until December, even if they are very  cold.

Surely the heating is on all year round but the thermostat means it only heats when it’s cold



Of course the heating isn’t on. It is august.

Damn fool question.

Good for you. Shorts are the natural dress of the Englishman at repose.

I wear mine throughout the year.

I am also wearing my nike air jerusalems but am very unenglishly not wearing them with gentlemen's high hose sockery.  I fear I may become French if I carry on in this manner.

There has been a definite drop in temperature this week, I’ve not quite put the heating on, but I Considered It, and I actually shut the windows. 

Wang are you wearing those very short trainer sock thingies or are you completely - sockless?

Written whilst wrapped in a blanket.

Had a fire last night.  Thought of Greta shitting out of the back of a boat as I lobbed each lump of lovely fossil fuel on it.

Clergs finds a simple way to determine who all the foreigns are on the board