He died :)

As is tradition.  (My great uncle that is, the one I was agonising over visiting the other day). 

Yeah I think so, 92 isn’t bad is it really!  Shame he got caught just before the tun;)

To be quite honest, I’m happy he hung around for about a week so he could say goodbye to everyone including my dog (he had a little private garden thing he could sit in) and once all that was done he just passed away quietly in his sleep.  Not a bad way to go, funny that he died just a few weeks after his sister (my Nan died recently at 99).

tecco m7 did ur gran and mum get knocked up as a teenagers or summink 

Eh? I’m not offended, I just don’t understand that.... my grandmother died at 99 and if my dad were alive he’d be 78. He was the oldest so.... she was 21 when she had him.

Where does my mother come into this?

My great uncle (my nan’s youngest brother) died at 92.  My other great uncle sadly died a lot younger, can’t remember his age.

I knew 2 of my gr8 unx.  Big ralph who was a catholic monsgnr and spiny norman.  no1 has ever explained to me why uncle spiny norman earned the prefix spiny.  I expect no1 is alive who could...

They both were packed off to the cape as teens in ww2.  legend has it that spiny Norm married a local girl during this period which caused much scandal (i assume she was a boer, but who knows).  he was sent home and remarried a good catholic frenchie (pretty sure bigamously).  

Well... uncle den was the great uncle who left me his house to start my property empire.  His brother didn’t care a jot and understood why he did it, knowing that den and I had been good friends since the day he first broke me out of school and took me to Ireland to watch a five nations match... heh.

This funeral will be interesting though because so many of my relatives on that side think that he should have left the house to his brother rather than me and they resent my success.  They also resent the relationship I built up with their grandfather - shame they never bothered to visit him really eh.  God I hope he hasn’t left me anything in his will lol.

I'm guessing that he will have left you pretty much everything, not that you probably need it.

Its always a good sign that ancestors live to a good old age.

The fact that I had great uncles on both sides of my family called Sidney shows how that name has gone out of fashion.  

Chambo - Yes, as his brother before him he’s left me everything.  I’d give it all back in a heartbeat and everything else I own to get a few more weeks him though.

And yeah at this point.... more stuff = more hassle.  I don’t need or want either.  But hey ho, another two mortgage free houses for the Tecco empire I guess.

I know a nine year old Sidney, SummerSails.  You’d be surprised how names come back into fashion (just ask his mate Reginald).