Having a quick pop over to Dubai

And it's really great. Everything is really swinging. Beach parties. Bars, restaurants, everything is open.

A lot of middle Englanders on here who have never been / went 15 years ago / are closed minded.

Fantastic place:

  • Better food than London
  • Weather is cracking
  • Views from my apartment are incredible
  • Best gyms in the world
  • Flight there was only 6.5 hours

Buggie has found his true place in life.đŸ«

“really swinging”

did u post this from the mid-1950s?

That said, life in Dubai looks increasingly attractive tbh and I think it does get a bit of an unfair slagging.

  • It truly is the home for ballas.
  • Work hard, play hard, earn hard.
  • This.
  • is what we do.

There are only two places I have been in the world where I would not give you a thank you if you took me there.


Las Vegas and Dubai.


And I've been to Redcar.

And stuffed full of insuferable cuunts - you'll fit right in!

This post was brought to you from the basement of the Ministry of Information and Biggie was not in any way forced to post it so that they'd drop the charges against him for looking at a member of the royal family in the hotel foyer.

Is Biggie dollapat (not to be confused with dollahat)?