Having a good boss

I worked for an absolute fvcking psychopath for the last ten years. Have recently changed jobs and the new boss is just amazing. Well, I guess my expectations are pretty low because Mrs C reckons new boss is basically jut a normal human being. But, anyway, god it makes such a difference working for someone who is genuinely supportive and pleasant.


Hooray for nice people  

The boss is the usual reason any job is or becomes shit.

I think new boss is about 5 or 6 years older than old boss. New boss is female, old boss male. 

A bad boss can ruin your life if you don't quit. Psycho bosses come in all ages, genders and sexual preferences.

I don't know how they rise to their level, given how toxic some people are. Hooray for nice people indeed.


Mine is great overall. She has made a huge effort to train me and make things relevant while supporting my personal and professional development. She is only late 40s but can be a bit "old school" at times and it is often her way or no way.

I'm only in my current job because I like my boss so much and because the other partners in the team are all decent people.

One of the things I can look back on with pride in my career is that, despite falling out with virtually all my superiors and many of my peers, I've universally been considered a good boss. 

agree my boss is an ultra babe and that's why I am staying 

My m8 Dave works for someone who is possibly the best looking person I’ve ever seen anywhere or anytime. He seems happy there. 

Ducks has created an atmosphere where he’s a friend first and a boss second.

Probably an entertainer third.

You know a bad boss is bad when you are in it, but you don't comprehend fully how bad until you leave it, and then you think how and why did I ever work for that person for so long. 

Micro managers need to be executed, it is the quickest way to destroy a person

worked for fvcking psychopath as a junior - two actually - and it was miserable. intervening couple of decades have been fine but I now find myself “under”, boss isn’t really the right word, an intensely irritating GC who is weird, manipulative, micro managing, dis organised, has no self awareness, and who I am coming to the conclusion is hugely insecure under the surface. It’s very irksome and boring and I can’t really be bothered to deal with it. 

Having a good boss makes all the difference in the world. My current boss is amazing - the job itself is drudge but I like working with her. 

You know a bad boss is bad when you are in it, but you don't comprehend fully how bad until you leave it, and then you think how and why did I ever work for that person for so long. 

Christ  this. I feel like a completely different person 

Dux would be a good boss. He is a solid fellow and doesn't take himself or docu blozzing too seriously. 

It is probably more likely that they are narcissists than psychopaths, though the distinction is probably without much as a difference when you are suffering.

Key indicators are things like ignoring matters that do not fit with their narrative, being slavishly hierarchical, and, unsurprisingly, ensuring that it's all about them.

That's brilliant Crowley. My manager has an uncanny ability to suck the joy out of a room. 

Don't think I've every had a psycho as a boss, well maybe my first one as an NQ insolvency litigator.  The worst one I had was not a psycho but could create utter chaos like no one else. We always said he didn't suffer from stress himself but was a highly contagious carrier.

Are dickhead bosses dickheads when not being bosses do you think?

The insecure ones probably not and actually getting demoted would likely be a relief for them, but I don't see how the more aggressive ones can switch that level of khuntishness off when they leave the office, it has to be hardwired surely.

Are dickhead bosses dickheads when not being bosses do you think?

mine was on his third marriage so I’m going with a “yes”

I was articled to, and then became a partner with (in the legal sense, not relationship sense), a total bully who enjoyed having his partners in tears. 
One Christmas, he came into my office and marvelled at all the cards  I had, complaining that he’d received none. I said nothing but went out and bought him a Christmas card that said on the front, with a suitably festive reindeer, “Jesus loves you!” Then inside of the card read “Everyone else thinks you’re a c**t!” 
When I handed him the card, he said “thanks, lad” (I was in my late 30s). I walked out before he opened it. He never said a word about the card. How his fellow partners before I joined put up with him, I’ll never know. 

The root of the problem, in my experience, is that a good lawyer often does not a good boss make. Being good at your job moves you through the ranks. You find yourself leading a team, a department and then a firm. You’ve ended up doing less and less of what you’re good at and more and more of what you’re, somehow, meant to have picked up by osmosis along the way. 

Management and “soft” skills are not automatically taught and training rarely offered (that’s what HR is there for, right?) and if you show any appetite for developing your skills around business management, incumbent Managing Partners think you’re encroaching and start eyeing you with suspicion. Before you know it, you’re doing nothing well. You don’t do enough client work to feel you’re getting job satisfaction and you view your team (or members of it) as a pain in the a*se because you’re not equipped to properly deal with their non-legal requests because you have no training. 

If you’re nice, some will take the p*ss (how long can long can you turn a blind eye?); if you follow your instincts, you risk being inconsistent and; if you’ve believed your own hype and get a semi when you reduce someone to tears, well, you won’t be reading this. Any which way, it could eventually find its way to HR and you’re being told you could have managed the situation better. And so you ask for training to develop your management skills. Again.

And if you read this and, perhaps not unreasonably, think just go and book some bloody training yourself, then fair enough. But when you’re in the mix it’s yet another demand on your time. 

You make a good point there - being too nice (all the time) doesn't make you a good boss - it allows people who are lazy/incompetent to get away with stuff and then that has to be dealt with by others, which is then not being a good boss to them.

The people who are the best bosses tend to set a consistent and fair approach and you know where you stand with them. 

Agree the best lawyers are rarely the best managers - the flip side is that management is often the repository for under-performing partners seeking to justify their continued existence in the equity.

Going to bin my boss on Monday.  I learned last week two other people have recently binned him too.  Can't wait.

My previous job had someone brought in who was senior to me and I thought quite quickly ‘this person is an idiot’ and they were also very arrogant about opinions that were wrong. Objectively wrong.

It’s interesting someone above mentioned gender of the boss. I was thinking for months ‘is it me? Can I not be managed by a woman?’ As I work in a very male dominated industry and am not used to dealing with women in work situations. 

then I thought ‘no, fook this...if she were a bloke I’d say this stuff’.

Amd then just went for her in a meeting with loads of stuff I’d been insisting she put in writing so I could demonstrate she was wrong and why. She had a meltdown and I got in loads of trouble.

I was asked back after they’d fired me because they realized they didn’t know how lots of stuff worked. My reaction was sort of just ‘fook’em’

At least one of the two really stuck the knife in too.  Makes my job v easy.  I can just be all coy and "well he isn't thaaaaat bad" etc etc

I remember a featured lawyer of the week on here who said he was an entertainer.

He was a Roffer and married to another one.

Previous boss was dreadful. Half arsed, bullshitted with everyone on the team, tried to be your mate but was basically awful. No management skills whatsoever. 
My boss now is so, SO ace. It’s just brilliant. It genuinely makes me work harder in a way?! 

As someone said above, a lot of lawyers are not good managers. 

Thing is what gets a manager paid and progressed is how well they manage up. No one really cares within reason how well they manage down.

I remember a featured lawyer of the week on here who said he was an entertainer.

He was a Roffer and married to another one.

Thuggy can be entertaining fo sho.