have you had to quarantine after travel

what was it like? did they ever contact you?

I did last year and they didn’t gaf. They’re cracking down now tho - have heard of several people being fined recently. 

doorstep visits

one of them my friend’s wife got fined too as she said he was in the shower and he was on a run and they waited and busted them both 

I did last year and wasn’t contacted.

I’m on day 5 now. I blocked the number they used so they haven’t been able to get through and nobody has been to the house. If they did I’d send them packing without engaging. 

No idea how they prove you weren’t in rather than having a shit, being asleep, in the back garden, or out for a permitted purpose like buying medicine. 

I received a call every day. Then one day I accidentally failed to answer it. I thought they might come around the house or at least ask me in the next call why I didn’t answer, but actually they decided to just never contact me for the rest of the quarantine, another 5 days. Pretty stupid actually as my missing that call should have escalated me as a possible breacher.

Me blocking them should have too.

I guess they’re like TV licence people. Rely on people not knowing their rights and engaging with them. No warrant no entry. I’ve no legal obligation to speak to them other than “please get off my property.” 

I think I would do my runs at 7am - presumably they don't bother coming out until after 9

and yeah surely "he's TERRIBLY jetlagged and asleep" is the best excuse

My wife has been called as were here parents, both on day 2. the call is fairly harmless they actually just checked she knew rules and checked on her mental well being. you also have 48 hours to call back if you miss it. 

They didn’t leave me a voicemail when I didn’t pick up and then never called me again, so that getting 48 hours to call back isn’t true in my experience.

up here they call it a "welfare check"

I mean what happens if you say "tbh I can't cope with being locked inside I might jump out the window"?

fook all is what

What is your actual obligation to answer their questions. I don't like the sound of them harassing you about what you are doing. 

If you just replied "I don't know" to every question what can they do - just send someone over?

Id be tempted just to ignore all their calls and risk them sending someone over rather than have to talk to someone everyday for a process I don't agree with and get irate everytime they called me. 

If they call, and question where you were, can you not say in the Bath, on the phone, asleep, or shaging or whatever plausible excuse takes your fancy.

yep, 14 days after 10 days in Croatia.


I was never phoned and nobody ever came round. Actually they may have but I am not on the central door system so they wouldn't have got in. But nobody ever followed up

My neighbour failed to answer and a got visit from the local plod.  Luckily they didn't spot his cleaner in the house with him and his family.

I am on day 6 and did the day 5 test and release yesterday. Today is first time they havent rung. Every call is the same, they ask year of birth and then garble a script. Other than your year of birth, only qu is do you agree to the call etc and i think on day 3 they asked if id done day 2 test.

tempting to reply with yes mummy.

anyway, no qu’s about where you are, you could take the call from anywhere. Its just a tick box and some of the callers have such strong accents you cant understand a word anyway.

Oh and loads of times i missed call and they always rang back. No plod on the doorstep, they have devolved that to LA’s and mine is far too broke to go round to peoples houses.

Look, no one will get “caught”.


They asked me every day:

Do you understand your duty to quarantine?

Have you quarantined so far?

Are you at the address now?

Have you taken day 2 test? What was the result?


They also asked every day, have you opted in (ie paid for) the test to release? I said no, thinking, they obviously know this as it’s on my form with the other data. But I wondered what would happen if I said I had. Would they say, “Aha! A lie! Caught you.”

My neighbour did and they contacted her twice a day at least asking her for personal information over the phone. The number they called from was not any of them publicised as Test and Trace. She called back and it did not ring.  So she refused to give out any details. Two inspectors came round the day after her quarantine finished. She was coming home from shopping and they demanded to know why she was not isolating. Given you have to complete so many documents and are on so many data systems they should have all the information they need without making you prove who you are to an unknown caller, dodgy number and a potential scammer. 


Yes, me. On the locator form I had to confirm how they could contact me; out of email, text and phone, I chose email and text, because I only have a mobile and that works 2% of the time (thanks O2 for your diabolical reception). They keep calling - and out of three calls, I have managed to answer one - where I made the same point again. They said they would send someone round to knock on my front door. I confirmed that my office was on the second floor, on the other side of the house and therefore “good luck” with me hearing them knock because I am (honestly) partially deaf. Waiting for that £10k fine any day now. 

Yes, I did.

I spoke to test & trace once, and ignored all the other calls (after the informed me I wasn't obliged to speak to them). Apparently they ring you every day and go through the same information. I just blocked their number, when I learned that. No one ever came knocking.

However, I complied. This is because I live in a block of flats, and some neighbours knew I was coming back as I had been away, and that I would be self-isolating. 

Whilst I didn't think they'd dob me in, it would have been an awkward exchange if I met someone in the communal areas. Add on to that being regulated by the SRA...

I know, I know. I've been totally cucked by the combination of Covid regs and the SRA's damned code of conduct. 

Yes, last October; it was fine and I was never contacted. People at home knew I had been away so I did it in one of the cottages at my in-laws so there was plenty of space to get out and about without leaving the property. 

Yes. They called each of us repeatedly until we answered - so 10+ calls at a time.

Maybe 3 times a day to start then once a day after the first few days.

“His”?! Crypto - you aunt. “Her” thank you very much.

But yes, what has my hearing got to do with my ability to travel? Are partially deaf people not allowed to? Notwithstanding that I have literally taken multiple PCR tests up to my nostrils (it felt like my brain was being poked and made my toes curl - and not in a good way), which have been all clear and am vaccinated? 

I arrived back a month ago. They called every day during the first five days. When I missed a call, they called again in a few hours, but you cannot call them back. If you call their number, you will just hear an automatic message that test & trace has been trying to call you, and they will be calling again. 

I never had actual visits, or at least I don't know about it, I've mostly been in the back garden, with headphones on. But as far as I know, the test & trace people cannot give you a fine, only the police can. If t&t visits you and you don't answer the door, then they will refer your case to the police, who will then "investigate". 


I have completed my 5 days and have me negative test to release. 

I blocked their number so never spoke to them once. 

Nobody came round to check if I was in or not. 

If you've been busted then you're unlucky or your local plob musn't have enough work to do. 

somebody I know got called every other day at different times of day -  I dont know if they can track where you are when you answer though.

I don't think they track your phone. I once answered their call when I was a few miles from home, doesn't look like anyone has noticed it. 

these historic covid threads are so fooking weird looking back, amazing how our collective memory seems to be erasing all this shit.